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Snowpark Obergurgl: Shaped by girls only

11/02/2020, 17:47
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Snowpark Obergurgl

Shaping snowparks has been a stereotypically male job for a long time, but lucky for all women, meanwhile times have changed. Let’s take Obergurgl as a perfect example: For more than 4 years now, Snowpark Obergurgl is “shaped by girls only”. So, let’s take a closer look at the biggest all-female shape crew of the Alps, the one and only Diamond Girls Crew!

Six girls with Park Designer Lana Behla leading the way are responsible for all kind of work that needs to be done at the Snowpark and the Familypark Obergurgl. That includes the build-up, maintenance and daily reshape of the two parks during the season. Furthermore, the girls are taking care of two more facilities at Obergurgl: the Funcross and the Audi quattro funslope in Obergurgl. And as if that wasn‘t enough, Lana is also one of the few ladies in the cockpit of the snowcat. Thus, the girls prove that they have a firm grip on Funmountain Obergurgl.

And how does a day in the life of a shaper girl looks like? For Lana the answer is clear: “Not any different than for men! We work as hard as all other crews, no matter whether it’s a male crew, a mixed crew or in our case an all-female crew. We simply do what needs to be done.” But wait, there’s one difference after all. „We probably just look better on the mountain,” Lana adds with a laugh. All joking aside, the life of the shaper girls is not always easy. Women who work in male dominated fields often are confronted with more critical judgement than men and even have to work harder to be taken seriously. That’s why Lana’s message is so important: „If you can see that a woman delivers as much as her male counterpart, gender really shouldn’t matter at all. People just have to stop putting stereotypical labels on each and everything!“

But besides all the challenges and hard work on the mountain, the girls don’t let the fun come short. Thus, even in their free time the Diamond Girls Crew still can be found in their workplace - but this time without shape tool and shovel. After all, the girls not only know how to build kickers, boxes, tubes and rails, they obviously also know how to shred them. Because for most girls that’s exactly the reason why they want to spend a winter season as a shaper on the mountain in the first place…

If you want to learn more about the Diamond Girls Crew and their daily business in Obergurgl, follow them on Instagram (@diamondgirlscrew). For more information about Snowpark Obergurgl, head over to



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