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Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum

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Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum

Axamer Lizum

Roofpark Axamer Lizum - Season II - Wolle Beer

Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum – There’s a Line for Everyone

For the Golden Roofpark at the Axamer Lizum near Innsbruck in Austria it is time to rise and shine! Once again, riders will get a massive playground to shred. The shape crew will be preparing everything for the upcoming season and really looking forward to shaping you an awesome home base in the Tyrolean snow. Autumn already had several snowy greetings to offer, if winter keeps up that good work, the season is going to be sick.

“The closest ride from Innsbruck” is back for more and is offering 400 meters of freestyle action. That means a hefty load of kickers, rails, jibs and boxes. Whether it is last-season’s darling, the Rooftop Jib or the highlight corner to the right, the beginner or the medium area, there is more than one line to hit for each and every shred head. The regional freestyle community does not need long road trips in order to have some fine park sessions. If you feel like you cannot wait any longer, treat yourself with the animated set-up in 3D or the virtual reality of the Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum.

The fastest way to freestyle paradise is the same as last year. Take the Olympiabahn up to the “Hoadl”, then the chair lift “Karleiten” and you end up at the entrance of the Golden Roofpark. With the park lift a quick return to the line-up after every run is guaranteed. Whoever wants to take it a little bit easier, can always chill at the “Sunnalm” and watch the other shred heads stomping their tricks. But the view over the park will not let anyone sit for long in his or her deckchair.

The cherry on top of the ice cream bowl called Golden Roofpark will once again be some sweet events.

All information according the set-up, the shred weather, the events of the upcoming season or whatever happens at the Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum is to be found on

Station de ski Axamer Lizum

Schnee- und Parkstatus

8 months ago

Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
2124 m
350 m

Axamer Lizum magically attracts snowboarders from around the globe. The chance to perfect your skills on your board, and to then show them off in one of our many events – is just perfect here. The Snow- or Fun park as well as the ‘Free rides’ on our open ground are all reasons for this attraction.

Winter season:

Lifts operating daily from
9am – 4pm from
27th November.

Butter Box Flat 3m (Box)
Jump Stepup 4m (Kicker)
Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Butter Box Elephant 10m (Box)
Medium Line Rail A-Frame 10m (Rail)
Medium Line Jump Corner 10m (Kicker)
Medium Line Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Line Jib Tank 3m (Specials)
Tube Flat 6m (Pipeslide)
Jib Jersey Barrier 3m (Specials)
Medium Line Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Medium Line Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Jib Wallride Spine 4m (Specials)
Jump Volcano (Kicker)
Medium Line Rail Skate Flat 6m (Rail)
Medium Line Rail Down 6m (Rail)
Medium Line Rail Up 8m (Rail)
Medium Line Rail Up/Flat 6m (Rail)
Medium Line Tube Hover 7m (Pipeslide)
Medium Line Jib Jersey Barrier 3m (Specials)
Butter Box Flat/Down (Box)
Jump Hip (Kicker)
Medium Line Rail Donkey (Rail)
Medium Line Rail Waterfall (Rail)
Butter Box Up/Flat (Box)
Jump Kicker 5m (Kicker)
Special Hip (Specials)
Medium Line Jump Volcano (Kicker)

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