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BERGFEX: Station de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis - Vacances de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis - Wintersportgebiet Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Station de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

1.200 - 2.820m

Plan de piste Station de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Nouveauté Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

*Indoor Playground PlayIN Serfaus

In the climbing hall are 11 different climbing walls available. Each line has its own theme.

We do not need many words for the "speed competition walls". The name says everything.

A highlight is certainly the two Geometrix lines - two freestanding climbing towers in the middle of the hall. The boulder room resembles a large chemical laboratory.

Another highlight is the soft play area, which extends over all six floors! Balll pool, ramps, tube slide, swing doors, roller presses, portholes, balance beams, climbing hill, trampoline, ball lock, crawl tube, climbing net and much more await the children.

A laser chamber in which skill and speed are required, completes the perfect gaming experience at the valley station.

*Two new slopes

In the "Obere Scheid" area you can enjoy two new slopes in the winter season 2016/17. The "Mittlere Scheidabfahrt" and the "Plötza Abfahrt".

The "Plötza Abfahrt" offers an alternative slope to the "Moosabfahrt" to the ski area Masner.

*Storage Reservoir Frommes II

The effectiveness of the snowmaking machine has been increased significantly with the new Frommes II storage reservoir. This means that significantly more artificial snow can be created in the shortest possible time at cold temperature and, hence, more ski slopes are open.

The new storage reservoir Frommes II has a capacity of 220,000 m³.

*Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Kids Website

We have very special news for our younger guests for the start of this summer season:

We have created a separate children's website, where kids can browse all information about Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Of course the information is presented in a way that is suitable for children.

Children will also find the weekly programmes of our kids clubs, so they can plan their holidays already before arrival. Furthermore the website provides drawing templates to download and the kids can also play funny games on the site.

There will also be a page for the winter in a few weeks.

Have a look at

Station de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Boundless, and extremely well-groomed:

A non-slip base and velvety white surface…this sums up the slope conditions in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis extremely well. All this is made possible by a high-class care programme designed to get the 214 km of slopes into great shape – night after night. 68 high-performance, luxury cable cars and lifts purr along at 1,200 m – 2,820 m above sea level and help you make the most of this winter wonderland.
It’s so wonderful to be a child.

This is certainly the case in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. The region boasts what is probably the best range of children’s entertainment for families with kids in the Alps, from ”Berta’s Kid’s Paradise” in Fiss and the “Kid’s Snow Alp” and “Murmli Park” in the middle of Serfaus.

It is so good to be a kid...
This is particularly the case in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. With Berta's Kinderland in Fiss, the Kinderschneealm in Serfaus and the Murmli-Park in the middle of the village of Serfaus, the region provides perhaps the best winter offering for families in the alps.

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Station de ski Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

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