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BERGFEX: Prevalje: Vacances Prevalje - Voyager Prevalje

Koroška - slowenisches Kärnten





Close to the center of the Mežica Valley, Prevalje is the center of a municipality that stretches to the Holmec international border crossing into Austria. A diverse and rich cultural heritage gives identity and special worth to the town. The site of present-day Prevalje was settled in the ancient past, and many Roman remains have been excavated here. The Roman sarcophagus from the beginning of the 3rd century that stands in front of the Brančurnik gostilna is particularly well known and is called the ?Brančurnik bench? by the local people. The idyllic village of Šentanel adds to the municipality?s hospitality with its numerous tourist farms and is known far and wide for its kitchen specialties, cultural activities, and beautiful views toward the peaks of Peca, Uršlja Gora, Raduha, and Obir and over the Jaunfeld/Podjuna Valley. The ?Cesta Mošta? (?Cider Road?) tourist trail runs through the area and is of particular interest to mountaineers and mountain bikers. Leše, a former mining town, is adorned by the outstanding ?twin? Gothic churches of Sv. Ana and Sv. Volbenk. No one knows why they stand so close to each other, but they are something special for this very reason.


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Park kralja Matjaža
Center 100, SI-2393 Črna na Koroškem

02 82 38 269

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