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BERGFEX: Črna na Koroškem: Vacances Črna na Koroškem - Voyager Črna na Koroškem

Koroška - slowenisches Kärnten

Črna na Koroškem

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Črna na Koroškem


Črna, the most beautiful tourist area in the Mežica Valley, is distinguished by numerous natural attractions and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

The town's mining museum and ethnological exhibit are interesting, and in the surroundings the Church of Sv. Ana with its black depiction of the Virgin Mary and the famous "celki" settlements and their exceptional architecture of farmhouses and granaries in the Topla Valley are outstanding.

Due to its natural assets, the nearby Topla Valley has been made a regional park. Among the natural beauties of the Municipality of Črna, the Najevska Lipa linden tree deserves special mention for its enormous size and the interesting story of its origin. More than 770 years old, this "mother of all Slovene lindens" has become the site for an annual meeting of prominent Slovene public figures.

In the surroundings of Črna, numerous alpine valleys rise to the powerful peaks of Peca, Raduha, Olševa, and Smrekovec. With their complex network of logging roads and wagon tracks, the forests offer almost unlimited possibilities for mountain biking, and it is no coincidence that the first mountain bike park in Slovenia was established here ( In addition to well-maintained local trails, the "Okoli Pece" international mountain bike trail around Mount Peca - Kordeževa glava (2.125 m) also runs through the park.

The village of Črna itself is known far and wide as "the" place for sport, and the local people are particularly proud of their successful skiers. This won't surprise you if you are familiar with the exceptional natural conditions here and link these to the characteristic determination of Koroška people. Črna has well-developed facilities for sport and recreation that provide excellent conditions for training athletes. Mountaineering and sport climbing in the nearby hiking and climbing areas has become increasingly popular.


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Črna na Koroškem
Črna na Koroškem
Črna na Koroškem

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