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Snowpark Gastein

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Snowpark Gastein
Bad Gastein / Ski amade
Snowpark Gastein - Rad kickers for all levels

Snowpark Gastein – Episode 13

Snowpark Gastein is about to kick-start its 13th season and it’s going to be rad! A creative and diverse setup with obstacles suitable for all levels, the return of an event series and an endless amount of freestyle promise that the upcoming winter is going to be a good one at Snowpark Gastein.
Ready for take-off? Winter is about to begin and the first snow has fallen. Once the snow layer is thick enough, the Gastein shape crew stomps towards Stubnermulde and starts creating another rad setup from scratch. Three different sections are awaiting all freestylers who make their way to Gastein and with the Beginner, Medium and Advanced Line, Snowpark Gastein offers various options for all skill levels. And according to some rumors, Santa will bring a new Double Kink Rail to the park. No matter if you’re looking for jumps or jibs, with a total of over 35 obstacles a lot of action and creativity is about to go down at the winter playground on the Stubnerkogel. On top of that, a renown event series is coming back once again.

Digital Snowpark
Less heavy machines and less artificial snow thanks to perfect usage of the terrain. Snowpark Gastein moves forward and harnesses the advantages of the digital age on the mountain. Its new digital facility planning software ensures efficient utilization of the valuable natural snow while you guys can experience a snowpark with the same high standard. This is happy news for mother nature and for every shred head out there.

Yet, until solid bluebird sessions will go down at the nicely shaped Snowpark Gastein again, the freestyle community has to wait for a proper snow cover. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Snowpark Gastein Facebook Page and Instagram Account (@snowpark_gastein). There, you find further information and all the latest shred news from the Gastein valley.

Station de ski Bad Gastein / Ski amade

Schnee- und Parkstatus

1 year ago

Hauteurs de neigeHier, 08:01
Hier, 08:01
35 cm
10 cm
2 de 19
Remontées ouvertes
ACHTUNG: Derzeit noch keine Skischaukelverbindung. Abfahrten bis zur Mittelstation geöffnet.
Fahrbetrieb von 08.30 Uhr bis 15.00 Uhr

Snowpark Gastein

1875 m
300 m
Medium Box Elephant 4m (Box)
Medium Tube Flat 4m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Rail Down 6m (Rail)
Beginner Box Flat 3m (Box)
Advanced Box Flat/Down 6m (Box)
Medium Tube Down 7m (Pipeslide)
Medium Jib Pyramide 2m (Specials)
Beginner Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Beginner Box Up/Down 4m (Box)
Medium Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Tube Rainbow 6m (Pipeslide)
Beginner Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Beginner Jump Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Medium Jump Kicker 6m (Specials)
Medium JumpKicker 8m (Specials)
Medium Multi Jib (Flat/Spine) 5m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Box Down 6m (Box)
Advanced Butterbox XL 3m (Box)
Advanced Jib Pole Jam 1m (Specials)
Advanced Jib Wallride 2m (Specials)
Advanced Jibcan/Barrel 1m (Specials)
Advanced Rail (up) Canon 2m (Rail)
Advanced Rail Down/Flat/Down 12m (Rail)
Advanced Rail Flat/Down/Flat 12m (Rail)
Advanced Tube Down 7m (Pipeslide)
Beginner Banked Turn Schnee-Element 10m (Specials)
Beginner Banked Turn Schnee-Element 10m (Specials)
Beginner Box Rainbow 4m (Box)
Beginner Box Up/Down 4m (Box)
Beginner Flat Tube 4m (Pipeslide)
Beginner Jump Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Beginner Jump Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Beginner Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Medium Jump Hip 7m (Kicker)

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500 Heures
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Park Designer
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