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Snowpark Snowpark Gastein - Funpark Snowpark Gastein - Park Bad Gastein - Ski amade - Snowboarden

Snowparks Salzburger Land

Snowpark Gastein

Masquer plan

Snowpark Gastein

Bad Gastein - Ski amade

Snowpark Gastein - Season 17/18 -

Snowpark Gastein – Shred it like Pongau!

The shape crew of the Snowpark Gastein recently returned from their summer trips to several surf spots and bike trails around the world and the guys are now impatiently waiting to kick off the winter season 2017-18. At the moment, the shapers are killing time with repairing and painting rails and boxes as well as welcoming the brand-new mushroom jib and the new flat tube – and with praying for an early start into the second decade at the Snowpark Gastein!

Last season, the Snowpark Gastein celebrated its 10th anniversary and soon we are going to shred into the 11th winter at the Stubnermulde. Whether you are from Salzburg, Munich, Oslo, Copenhagen or Uppsala – join the freestyle scene when it flocks together again at the Snowpark Gastein to enjoy this season’s creative setup.
Both groms and pros will once again be pleased with the planned setup of the Beginner Line, the Medium Line and the Advanced Area. The shape crew will use all its creativity to put the new mushroom jib and the extra flat tube inspiringly into the snow. Where will the new features land exactly? This question is going to be answered by the team very precisely and in real-time…

…with several rad videos from the construction work! A film crew is going to capture the setting up from the very first second the shapers start with their work. The footage will reach us in no time via Facebook and Instagram so that we all know when it is time to pilgrimage to the Stubnerkogel again. Because no one wants to miss a single run after the season start, right!?

SAVE THE DATE: On February 15, 2018, the event highlight of the season is going down the lines at the Snowpark Gastein – shred by for the Cash4Tricks contest!

All information regarding the planned setup, the shred weather once the season started, the events and all news straight out of the Snowpark Gastein can be accessed at all times via, via the Facebook page of the park, in the app for Android Smartphones as well as iPhones and via Moreover, the park is also on Instagram this season. Shred it like Pongau!

Additional information about the Snowpark Gastein at FB Snowpark Gastein! and Instagram

Station de ski Bad Gastein - Ski amade

Schnee- und Parkstatus

1 hour ago

Snowpark Gastein

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
1875 m
300 m
50 000m²
7m Rainbow Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
3m Kicker Beginner Area (Kicker)
2m Kicker Beginner Area (Kicker)
6m Elephant Box Beginner Area (Box)
Beginner Area Tube Flat 4m (Pipeslide)
Pole Jam Medium Area (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
6m Wave Box Beginner Area (Box)
Mushroom Jib Beginner Area (Specials)
3m Kicker Beginner Area (Kicker)
5m Down Rail Medium Area (Rail)
3m Kicker Beginner Area (Kicker)
Beginner Area Tube Spine 5m (Pipeslide)
8m lat/Down/Fla Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
8m Step Box Advanced Area (Box)
Medium Area Jib Wallride 4m (Specials)
12m Down Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
6m Flat Box Beginner Area (Box)
7m Down Box Beginner Area (Box)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 5m (Kicker)
5m Spine Tube Medium Area (Pipeslide)
Pyramide Advanced Area (Specials)
9m Down/Flat/Down Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
4m Kicker Beginner Area (Kicker)
8m Kicker Medium Area (Kicker)
6m Up/Dow Box Beginner Area (Box)
2m Pole Jam Advanced Area (Specials)
2m Ski Amadé Cube Medium Area (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
4m Wallride Corner Advanced Area (Specials)
8m Corner Medium Area (Kicker)
12m A-Frame Box Advanced Area (Box)
Jibcan Advanced Area (Specials)
5m Tank Tube Advanced Area (Pipeslide)
6m Curved Box Medium Area (Box)
5m Up Tube Advanced Area (Pipeslide)

Weitere Informationen

500 Heures
Heures de préparation des pistes par saison
1 600h
Park Size
Park Designer
Markus Treiber
Évaluation 5,0
3 Évaluations
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