BERGFEX: Station de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade - Vacances de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

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Station de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

870 - 2.300m
Masquer plan

Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

870 - 2.300m

Plan de piste Station de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Remontées Bad Hofgastein...


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

04.12.2020 - 05.04.2021
08:30 - 16:00

erste Bergfahrt: 08:30 Uhr

Pistes Bad Hofgastein...

30,8 km (10)
52,5 km (18)
2,6 km (2)
Freeride/ Routes
1,3 km
87,2 km

Nouveauté Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade


  • Gigantic suspension bridge (140 m) as an attraction on the Stubnerkogel
  • "Glocknerblick" Panorama platform on the Stubnerkogel
  • Rock Trail at the Stubnerkogel
  • Panaorama platform "Talblick" on the Stubnerkogel
  • GASTI Snowpark in the Skizentrum Angertal#
  • Funslope and Snowpark
  • Extension of snowmaking equipment and downhill improvements
  • Permanent giant slalom ski movie facility

Station de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel
860 - 2.300 m Altitude

Largest connected skiing area. Downhill runs with over 1.000 m difference in altitude promise varied piste fun, perfectly connected with modern lifts and cable cars. Ideal for skiing pleasure! We would recommend the Judau lift in the skiing centre in the Angertal Valley for beginners. Especially popular: the Hohe Scharte Nord (north) (marked on the piste plan as downhill run number H 1 ), and with a length of 8 km and a difference in altitude of 1.440 km it is one of the longest downhill runs in the Eastern Alps.

Contact Station de ski Bad Hofgastein - Ski amade

Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG - Ski amade
Bundesstraße 567, A-5630 Bad Hofgastein

+43 (0)6432 6455
Info neige
+43 (0)6432 6455 50
+43 (0)6432 6455 66
Site internet
Plus d'information
Remontée mécanique Association touristique

Heures d'ouverture Été


Vorbehaltlich gesetzlicher Einschränkungen sind folgende Betriebszeiten geplant - Stand per 21.04.2020:
Pfingsten von Freitag, 29. Mai bis Montag, 1. Juni: Stubnerkogelbahn (Bad Gastein) geöffnet
ab Donnerstag, 11. Juni: mindestens eine Sommerbahn in Betrieb

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