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Station de ski Gaberl

1.300 - 1.551m
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1.300 - 1.551m

Plan de piste Station de ski Gaberl

Remontées Gaberl


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

27.12.2019 - 05.04.2020
09:00 - 16:00

Pistes Gaberl

3 km (3)
2 km (2)
1 km (2)
6 km

Station de ski Gaberl

Lot of skiing for little money

Friendly - family-friendly - easy to reach!

The ski and local recreation area Gaberl is known for its family friendliness and low prices, this will not change in the future.

For this reason, children up to the age of 14 accompanied by their parents can ski free of charge on the Gaberl ski lifts. Skiers from 15 years pay only 26 € for the day ticket. In addition, there are hour tickets that can be consumed throughout the season.
The season ticket only costs 255 € - including children up to the age of 14 accompanied by their parents.

The ski area has two drag lifts, a rope lift for beginners and a "Kids Fun Park" for children and Fun Park beginners. Modern snow cannons and two piste machines ensure top skiing pleasure.

Our small but fine ski area can be reached quickly and easily both from the district of Voitsberg and from the district of Murtal via the B 77 and offers not only wide, well groomed downhill runs but also a dreamy panoramic view that makes all hearts beat faster.

The Gaberlhaus and the Sportgasthof Lipp are available for your physical well-being.

Contact Station de ski Gaberl

Gaberl Schilifte GmbH
Gaberl 6, A-8592 Salla

+43 (0)3147 21037 oder +43 (0)664 881818
Info neige
+43 (0)3147 243 od. +43 (0)3147 21037
Site internet
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Remontée mécanique Association touristique
Évaluation 3,1
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