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As a beautiful empress who is acclaimed on all sides, Elisabeth has long become a cult figure. The Sisi Museum in the Imperial Apartments of the Hofburg juxtaposes the myth with the truth.

Among the highlights are numerous personal objects of Elisabeth and the most famous portraits of the beautiful empress.

In the original living environment of Empress Elisabeth, the museum is dedicated to an authentic examination of the life of the famous monarch away from the usual clichés. The show focuses on Elisabeth's private life, her rebellion against court ceremonial, her escape into the cult of beauty, slimming mania, top sporting achievements and rapturous poetry. From her carefree youthful years in Bavaria to her unexpected engagement to the Austrian Emperor and her assassination in Geneva in 1898, the museum traces the restless life of the legendary empress.

And it does so by means of a large number of objects: Among the objects on display are one of the few surviving summer dresses, reconstructions of the young bride's hen's gown and the Hungarian coronation gown, famous portraits, a miniature secretary with envelopes partly painted by Elisabeth herself, Sisi's watercolour box, a 63-piece travel first-aid kit and a walk-in reconstruction of Sisi's luxurious court salon car. From her childhood, her harp, which she brought back from Bavaria, and a reconstruction of a child's dress are shown.

Sisi's six-piece mourning jewellery made of onyx and jet, which she wore with her mourning clothes after the death of her son Crown Prince Rudolph, is also on display here in its entirety. The death mask of the murdered empress is also on display, as is the black coat with heron feathers with which Sisi was covered after the assassination attempt on Lake Geneva and brought to the Hotel Beau Rivage. The collar and front edges of the coat are trimmed with heron feathers, and the silk lining has the empress's crowned name embroidered on it.

In the Imperial Apartments and in the Imperial Silver Collection you will get an impression of the imperial (government) everyday life. And in the Café Hofburg you will be spoilt with culinary delights.

Michaelerkuppel 1010 Wien
T: +43 1 533 75 70

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