Conseils loisirs Taxenbach

Herb garden and barefoot way

Masquer plan

Families go barefoot over the different materials.

The barefoot way in Taxenbach has to give a lot of variety: On the Schlossberg parents and children go over different materials: Stones, gravel, forest and wood ground, bark mulch, shavings, wood ships,...

Good for the healthy
The different properties lay on arrange: cold - warm; wet - dry.
At the same time you have the possibility to do something for your healthy and brace yourself your vitality.

Go on through the Niedrigseilgarten to the Kitzlochklamm.

In summer you get each week a view into the "herbal wordl on the Schlossberg". Our "Herbal Witches" tell you a lot of interesting things of the effect of the herbs.

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