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Tiroler Schnapsmuseum

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Das Tiroler Schnapsmuseum lockt mit historischer Destillerie mit al­tem Gewölbe, Schnapsseminar und Obstler.

Historic distillery in an old vault
Be transported back to eras past and enjoy your visit to the ‘Tiroler Schnapsmuseum’. This interesting visit begins with a schnapps seminar: The high art of distilling schnapps is presented in the lecture/showroom of the schnapps museum. The subsequent sensory aroma testing in the 500 year old vaulted cellar is the highlight of the visit.

You'll want to linger for a while here and take a good look at the old fermentation barrels while recalling the olden days. Exhibits include the distilling and mixing equipment which served their purpose already in the times of the emperor. Then you'll get to taste some of our schnapps afterwards (3 schnapps and 2 liqueurs) – and get to take your schnapps glass home with you as a memento. The tour is available in German, English, French and Italian. At the end you arrive at the sales room where genuine ‘Tirolean’ and home-made specialities are on offer.


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