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Snowpark Kreischberg – The Scene is Alive!

Snowpark Kreischberg is ready for round two. After a fabulous first season, park designer Demis Lotter and his crew made a promise for this winter: they will be shaping and shoveling the snow until their tools break, to again create an excellent park that meets the highest demands. Special highlight of the upcoming season: the FIS Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup on January 14, 2017!

Fun & action: take two! Snowboarders and freeskiers are already counting the days until the Snowpark Kreischberg will present its epic setup and perfect training conditions once again. Pro riders, intermediates and beginners will all be equally satisfied – the setup will stay similar to last season’s with some fresh and creative ideas by park designer Demis Lotter.

Especially the locals are extremely excited about this second season at the Snowpark Kreischberg. Snowboarder Florian Prietl: “Ever since they built the new park I’ve enjoyed riding my ‘home mountain’ much more. Many of my friends came back to shred at Kreischberg and I think the scene will soon become as big as it used to be a couple of years ago.” Freeskier Stefan Gratzer: “Since last winter I totally love training at Kreischberg again. The park is always in a flawless condition, which guarantees epic days on the mountain. Throughout last winter there were at least five times as many riders in the park as in the years before.”

Obstacles from B to R – from boxes and jibs to kickers and rails – will turn the park into the ultimate freestyle hotspot of the surrounding region this season. After a terrific Kreischberg session, Kastanienbar is the perfect evening location to chill and chat about the tricks of the day, with an exclusive view of the “WM Arena”. The three big kickers there (39ft, 45ft, 49ft) will not only please both pros and future pros throughout this winter, but will stoke everyone at the FIS Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup going down on January 14, 2017. Then, they will be turned into one giant multi obstacle.

Get all the news and updates about the brand-new Snowpark Kreischberg and its top-notch at FB Snowpark Kreischberg!

Station de ski Kreischberg / Murau

Schnee- und Parkstatus

12 days ago

Hauteurs de neigeAujourd'hui, 10:00
Aujourd'hui, 10:00
90 cm
50 cm
5 de 13
Remontées ouvertes

Snowpark Kreischberg

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
1900 m
500 m
4m Dancefloor Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
Beginner Butter Box Rainbow 6m (Box)
6m Wave/Dragontail Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
Beginner Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
3m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
3m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
Double Banked Wave Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Mini Pipe Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Wave Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Wave Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Double Banked Wave Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Banked Run Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Speedboost Special Fun Pipe Area (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
Medium Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Tube Down 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Jib Jersey Barrier 6m (Specials)
Special Multi Jib 12m (Specials)
Medium Area Rail Curved 6m (Rail)
5m Multibox Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
18m Kicker Jump Worlcup Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
8m Down Rail Medium Area (Rail)
8m Kinked Rail + Butter Box Beginner Line (Specials)
Bench Jib Beginner Line (Specials)
Funbox Jump Medium Area (Kicker)
Medium Area Jib Lollipop (Specials)
Medium Area Jib Tank 5m (Specials)
Medium Area Rail A-Frame 9m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Flat 6m (Rail)
18m Bag Jump Medium Worldcup Line (Kicker)
20m Bag Jump Pro Worldcup Line (Kicker)
9m Rainbow Rail Medium Area (Rail)

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Park Size
Park Designer
Jernej Kramer / QParks
Évaluation 3,3
10 Évaluations
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