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Station de ski

Harrachov is situated in western part of Giant Mountains on boundary-line of Jizerske Mountains in the valley of river Mumlava. Thanks climatic conditions is Harrachov wellknown centre for sports and recreations. The above sea level 680 m is not amazing but local people are all right that in Harrachov is half a year cold and half a year winter.

Thanks the configuration of the terrains is Harrachov world-known ski centre with the services for winter sports in high level. Harrachov can offer a lot of downhill races with artificial snow from Certova mountain of various difficulties. Further we can offer to our visitors two chair lifts, a lot of prepared cross country races, the routes to the ridge of Giant Mounatins, training places for the skiers - beginners and the children, many ski schools with professional teachers, many renting offices of ski equipment and the others. Harrachov is only ski centre in Czech Republic with complete group of 8 ski-jumps. From the smallest ski-jump with 8 m critical point for 5 years old children to mammoth ski-jump K185 for the jumps over 200 meters for professional sportsman and bold fellows.

Harrachov Harrachov offers for the accommodation more than 6.000 beds of different categories, from the hotels to the pensions and the accommodation in private, more than 60 hotels and restaurants for food services, on the basis of proverb Not only with bread is man alive. Harrachov offers except winter sports also other active and cultural events, you can visit Museum of sports in Harrachov, Museum of glass with historical collection of products-the visit you can combine with the examination of production of glass in local works, furhter you make an examination of open brewery with the tasting of the product. Except winter activities, Harrachov offers also big summer possibilities.

Big offer of tourist and cycling trips in Giant Moutains and Jizerske Mountains including polish parts are very attractive. New open tourist border crossings in Vosecka bouda chalet and in Mytiny are convenient for the planning of beautiful to this time not realizing trips. Who does not want to go by bicycle to the hills, can go by chair lift. You can go by chair lift to Certova mountain the transport of the bicycles is free of charge and than it is up to you how to go down there is a lot of possibilities. Summer bathing is also possible, but in mountain torrents and also in bathing pools is the water - during the most of time for hardy persons.

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Harrachov 225, CZ-512 46 Harrachov

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+420 481 529 353
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