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BERGFEX: Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang - Vacances de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang - Wintersportgebiet Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

900 - 1.500m

Plan de piste Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Informations actuelles

10/10/2018, 15:30 2 de 6
  Remontées ouvertes
Öffnungszeiten: Alle Infos unter: Info-Tel.: 08361 -1270, -771 Sommerbetrieb ab 28. April bis einschließlich 4.November 2018 täglich von 9 bis 17 Uhr!

Nouveauté Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Second Combi railwy with an 8-person gondola and an 4-seater on one rope from the central station to the mountain station since Dec. 2010!

Even in the Winter 2012/2013, snowboarders and freeskiers as the Nesselwanger Alpspitze can again feel at home. The Alpspitzpark with its partners Schneestern and 5ive Skateshop, will be shown again at its best this season.

Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Family ski resort with 7 ski lifts and many other attractions

Winter is coming, because the Alpspitz you expect this year a lot of great winter sport experiences.

Entirely on the skill, desire and mood you can choose between top maintained family runs, the black descent "Green Line" or the Speed ​​run with speed display his individual downhill fun.
The 4-km long, groomed toboggan run guarantees sledding from the intermediary station.
A Ski rental*​​, a *test center and a Ski school ind locally.
Many powerful snow machines conjure without aid from "above" the white stuff on the slopes, so that the majority of the runs according to our motto as * snow? Be safe! * Indicates.

The skiers and snowboarders are 2 combo lifts, 3 drag lifts and 4 rope tows available.
Also attracts the freestylers in the well-maintained Alpspitzpark.

The Experience - Night skiing in Nesselwang, daily from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
The Alpspitzpark as the the first floodlit Funpark in Germany is available to its guests.
Secondly, although some training routes will be offered.

Not to forget:
Top: Aprés Ski in the Parasol (Schirmbar) and the Stadelalm

Contact Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Station de ski Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

Alpspitzweg 5, D-87484 Nesselwang

+49 (0)8361 1270
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+49 (0)8361 771
+49 (0)8361 1230
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