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BERGFEX: Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee - Vacances de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee - Wintersportgebiet Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

Stations de ski Bavière

Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

980 - 1.560m

Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

980 - 1.560m

Plan de piste Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee
Hauteurs de neige Hier, 07:09
Hier, 07:09
310 cm
210 cm
9 de 10
Remontées ouvertes
Betriebszeiten täglich 8:20 bis 16:20 Uhr

Remontées Spitzingsee...


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

15.12.2018 - 21.04.2019
08:30 - 16:15

Pistes Spitzingsee...

8,50 km
7,50 km
4 km
Freeride/ Routes
20 km

Nouveauté Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

Night skiing on Stümpfling every Thursday and Friday from 18.30 to 21.30 o´clock. The Wednesday night can be booked for exclusive corporate events, ski race, group or club events. While Night skiing. there are always freshly groomed slopes.

Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

Spitzingsee – the ski resort which takes you to new heights

The popular ski resort near the idyllic Spitzingsee lake lies a mere 70 km south of Munich, and offers holidaymakers and day-trippers alike a host of wonderful winter sporting activities. In the wake of extensive modernisation, the area has now been reinstated as one of the top 5 ski resorts in Germany. A modern artificial snow system and the exposed heights of 980 m – 1,693 m above sea level mean that snow is guaranteed throughout the season. 23 km of slopes, 2 modern 4-seater chairlifts with protective covers, 1 gondola and 13 drag lifts ensure skiing pleasure for those of all abilities.

The* Burton snowpark* on the Unteren Firstalm is considered an eldorado by snowboarders, including pros, who use it as a training ground.

Cosy alpine huts with sun terraces provide welcome refreshment, while the certified ski and snowboarding schools offer a range of courses. Guests can hire equipment directly from the Stümpfling and Suttenbahn valley stations.

Skaters and cross-country skiers will revel in 30 km of ski-tracks in the Spitzingsee and Schliersee region, and the area also offers a range of other winter sporting activities – just check out the website! Accommodation for visitors to the ski area can be found in the mountain village of Spitzingsee, the nearby Schliersee and in the Tegernsee valley.

The Spitzingsee ski area belongs to the Alpen Plus ski pass association. Multi-day tickets are valid on all 75 mountain railways and lifts in the surrounding ski areas of Brauneck, Wallberg, Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Zahmer Kaiser/Tyrol. /

Contact Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

Station de ski Spitzingsee - Tegernsee

Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee GmbH
Lyraweg 6, D-83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee

+49 (0)8026 929223 0
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+49 (0)8026 7099
+49 (0)8026 78138
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Remontée mécanique Association touristique
Évaluation 4,0
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