Tolmin, the town that gave the name to the entire region, is the largest settlement in Zgornje Posočje (Upper Soča Valley) as well as the economic, cultural and administrative centre of the valley. Its streets and houses bask in sunlight on a terrace above the confluence of Soča and Tolminka rivers. It is positioned at the right distance from the steep mountainous valleys, so that inhabitants may enjoy mild winters, and from the sea and Gorica plateau, so that they may take pleasure in enjoyable summers. This section includes the area of valleys and mountain villages above Tolminka and Zadlaščica, and continues through the hinterland of Volče and Čiginj all the way to the state border on Kolovrat.

During the World War I, Tolmin served as a base for the victorious breach of the Soča Front.

The history of the town and its wider area is picturesquely presented in the Tolmin museum.

Only a short walk from the town we can admire the untamed Tolmin gorges, the lowest entrance into the Triglav National Park, and a few kilometres away we can see Javorca, the most beautiful monument from the times when the First World War unleashed upon the Posočje region. It was entered into the list of European cultural heritage in 2006.

The tradition of alpine cattle ranches and with them the famous Tolmin cheese still survives in the surrounding mountain pastures.


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