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Summer holiday in Kaiserwinkl, Tyrol

It is not for nothing that summer in the Kaiserwinkl is known as "active summer"! Since it’s no longer just about hiking in a breath-taking mountain setting in Tyrol - no – in the Kaiserwinkl there is cycling, golf, swimming, rafting and much more. In Kaiserwinkl, families will find everything for a perfect summer holiday in Tyrol with children - variety, excitement and pure adventure is the maxim here!

The villages in Kaiserwinkl form a holiday region in a class of its own. Everyone will find their favourite, or just visit 4 x to pick a locality. But one thing is clear: You will be welcomed with Tirolean hospitality and attractive accommodation in Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss. So you´re spoilt for choice!

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Remontée mécanique Fonctionnement en été
  • Zahmer Kaiser / Walchsee
    01.06.2023 - 17.10.2023 (2 Remontées)
  • Hochkössen / Unterberg
    29.04.2023 - 26.10.2023 (1 Remontée mécanique)