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BERGFEX: Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno - Vacances de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno - Wintersportgebiet Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Carosello 3000/ Livigno

1.816 - 2.798m

Plan de piste Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Nouveauté Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Border Banzai! In fact, on the boardercross will be set up a slope with parabolics, obstacle, crazy and gummy structures and other funny stuff. For the moment we can't say more...but we really think people will slide down screaming the famous Japanise warcry!

Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno

A breathtaking view, splendid snow, an excellent sun exposure, ski slopes with long, varied trails which will give you a lot of fun, are the secret of Carosello 3000 ski-area. Ski lovers can ski all the day with a single ski pass without taking twice the same ski lift: ski terrain varies from gentle slopes with wide open pistes , suited to beginners and skiers with little experience, to more difficult pistes with strong changes in steepness, which are preferred by more exigent skiers. The area is fascinating with typically alpine atmosphere; from here you can admire the village which stretches for 12 kilometres at the feet of the slopes.

Évaluation 4,7
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65 Évaluations

Contact Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Station de ski Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Carosello 3000 - Ski Area
Via Saroch 1242/G, I-23030 Livigno

+39 0342 996 152
Info neige
+39 0342 996152
+39 0342 997 460
Site internet
Plus d'information
Remontée mécanique Association touristique

Contact Office du tourisme

Office du tourisme Carosello 3000/ Livigno

Azienda di Promozione e Sviluppo Turistico
Via Saroch 1098/A, I-23030 Livigno

+39 0342 977800

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