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BERGFEX: Station de ski Arabba - Vacances de ski Arabba - Wintersportgebiet Arabba

Stations de ski Vénétie

Station de ski Arabba

1.633 - 2.500m


1.633 - 2.500m

Plan de piste Station de ski Arabba
Hauteurs de neige Hier, 15:44
Hier, 15:44
161 cm
135 cm
22 de 22
Remontées ouvertes

Remontées Arabba


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

01.12.2018 - 07.04.2019
08:30 - 16:30

Pistes Arabba

15,31 km (17)
16,83 km (16)
6,77 km (4)
Freeride/ Routes
39.905 km

Nouveauté Arabba


  • Replacement of the 4-seater chairlift “Fodom” with a 10-seater cabin lift on the same line. Capacity of 2800 persons/h.
  • New easy slope “Sellaronda” from the top station of the cabin lift “Portados” to the bottom station of the chairlift “Carpazza” (old line of the former slope “Alpenrose Alta”)

-Widening of the slope no. 13(link Ornella-Sourasas) with renewal of the snowmaking system.

  • New Funslope Arabba, a funny slope for the children and his families, reach with the chair-lift "Le Pale" or chair-lift " Campolongo"

Punta Rocca: two elevators for 40 persons each connect the top station of Marmolada cable car to the ground floor/slope start.

Arabba is the strategic point for your ski tours. The center offers two starting stations for a total of four lifts wich you can reach the most famous destinations in the Dolomit Super Ski.

Station de ski Arabba

Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of the Dolomites, there is the Livinallongo valley (Fodom in ladin language) , with its most important centre, Arabba (Rèba in ladin language, 1612m), overshadowed by the imposing Group of the Sella mountains.

Heart of the Dolomites, at 1602 meters of altitude, Arabba is one of the most charismatic villages in this range of mountains, ideal for unforgettable holidays both in winter and in summer.

Arabba is part of one of the most spectacular and attractive ski area in the world: the Sellaronda, which is, with its 40 km of slopes, the important link for the 4 surrounding Dolomite passes: Campolongo, Gardena, Sella and Pordoi. From the centre of the village the skier can easily get to the modern skilifts and slopes which are among the most famous in the Dolomites. It's also easy to reach, on skis, the popular ski runs of Portavescovo and Marmolada (3269 m asl), the last one known as the " Queen of the Dolomites".

The white Arabba with its 62 km of perfectly snow - covered slopes and 31 modern lifts is one of the most famous destination of the "Dolomiti Superski". Known as the ideal place for winter skiing and trekking and cycling in summer, Arabba welcomes its guests opening the doors of an extraordinary world where nature relax and sport lead to the seventh heaven.

Contact Station de ski Arabba

Station de ski Arabba

Arabba Fodom Turismo
Via Boè - Arabba 17, I-32020 Livinallongo

+39 0436 780019
Info neige
+39 0436 79130
+39 0436 780019
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Remontée mécanique Association touristique
Évaluation 4,5
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