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BERGFEX: Ski de fond Val di Sole / Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi: Ski de fond Val di Sole / Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi


Ski de fond Val di Sole / Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi


Val di Sole / Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi

1.000 m

Loipenplan Val di Sole / Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi

Nordic skiing has always been a major tradition for tourist and sportsmen alike in Val di Sole. Passo Tonale, Vermiglio, Cogolo, Ossana, Mezzana, Commezzadura, Rabbi: these towns offer cross-country skiers everything they need: well-prepared runs for every style on a total of 55 km, waxing facilities, equipment rentals, changingrooms, places where you can have a snack, ski schools, and certified ski instructors for every level.

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING CENTER COGOLO - 15 km, 4 trails, 1100 m, easy
The Cogolo cross country ski trail winds on the bottom of a flat hollow and is an ideal trail for beginners. Four easy trails boast a magnificent view and the area is sun-lit most of the day.
Info: Promotur Cogolo +39/(0)463-754345

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING CENTER MEZZANA - 6 km, 1 trail, 890 m, medium
The Mezzana cross country ski trail winds along a 6 km route going through Pellizzano and Mezzana. The first stretch of the trail, some 150 metre long, winds along the river Noce...
Info: Informationsbüro - 0039 0463 757134

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING CENTER OSSANA - 5 km, 1 trail, 935 m, beginner to expert
The Ossana cross country trail winds along a route going through Ossana and Pellizzano. This is an easy route for all skiers, both experienced and beginners.
Info: Bezzi Massimino 333 6066502

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING CENTER RABBI - 5 km, 1 trail, 1240 m, medium
The Val di Rabbi cross country trail winds along a 5 km long route within the Stelvio National Park and is quite varied both from a technical standpoint and in terms of landscape.
Centro Fondo Rabbi tel. 0463 985198
Ufficio Informazioni Rabbi tel. 0463 985048

The first people to wear skis in Val Vermiglio were the Austrian Army soldiers monitoring the border and fighting, as did the Italian Alpini on the Adamello massif and on the Presena.

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15 pistes de ski de fond traditionnelles 31 km
  Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi
15 Pistes de patinage 31 km
  Cogolo - Mezzana - Ossana - Rabbi
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