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Ski de fond Zillertal Arena

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Zillertal Arena

580 - 2.500m

Loipenplan Zillertal Arena

Cross-country skiing from December to Easter on one of nine trails in the Zillertal Arena!
Outdoor sports and nature – cross-country clears your head, it involves every major muscle group in your body and burns more calories per hour than almost any other form of exercise!
Discover Zillertal Arena’s magical winter landscape on nearly 40 km of cross-country trails.

The extensive cross-country area is suitable for both beginners and advanced.
Choose between picturesque, easy trails along the bed of the Zillertal valley, or more challenging steeper routes in and around the majestic peaks of the Zillertal mountains.

The 2 trails (7 km) at the Gerlosplatte on an altitude of 1.640 m are still passable, during the snow melts elsewhere already. The longest cross-country route in the Zillertal valley takes you from Mayrhofen via Zell am Ziller to Uderns, and on the opposite side of the Ziller river from Stumm to Hart.

High-altitude crosscountry ski track and winter foothpath
The new high-altitude track at the Königsleiten mountain station starts at an altitude of 2,315m and is approx. 2.5 km in length. Alongside the high-altitude crosscountry ski track is a magnificent winter footpath, from which you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic mountain vista in total peace and tranquillity.


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Pistes de ski de fond Vue d'ensemble
pistes de ski de fond traditionnelles
46 km
Pistes de patinage
33 km
mit Anschluss an die Pinzgau Loipe
Pistes en altitude
19.5 km
Höhenloipe (5 km) in Hockrimml. Höhenloipe Lackenalm - Issalm (3,9 km) im Schönachtal in Gerlos
Pistes éclairées par des projecteurs
8.5 km
Die Fink-Rundloipe in Wald (1,5 km) ist jeden Abend bis ca. 20.30 Uhr beleuchtet! Schönachtal Loipe L2 - 1,5 km jeden Abend von ca. 17.00 - 22.00 Uhr beleuchtet!
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Zell am Ziller - Zillertal Arena

Rohr 23, A-6280 Zell am Ziller

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