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BERGFEX: Station de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio - Vacances de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

Stations de ski Frioul-Vénétie julienne

Station de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

760 - 1.760m
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Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

760 - 1.760m

Plan de piste Station de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

Remontées Monte Lussari /...


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

09:00 - 16:00

Pistes Monte Lussari /...

9 km (12)
11 km (7)
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25 km

Station de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

All this is possible thanks to a long historic background entailing for the main town of the Valcanale, the chance to become and be a longstanding referring point of this area. Tarvisio in fact was a town attracting a large flow of tourists in the '30s already. It was discovered and much appreciated by Duca Amedeo D'Aosta, after whom the nursery slopes are named.

This border area is really different from the others: here culture, customs and habits and also traditions have been influenced by the bordering countries of Austria and Slovenia. Tarvisio has an indissoluble bond with skiing and during the course of time has been able to show increasing talent, also at professional level. Thanks to the high quality of its slopes it has hosted and still does today, numerous international sport events. This tourist resort is also much appreciated by ski fans who really love downhill skiing on perfect slopes suitable for any skier, no matter the level of experience or training.

The ski areas and the slopes for tourists stretch over an area measuring 859.000m²; they are always really perfect and clean thanks to the work of the Promotur staff. The "Di Prampero" slope is really worth mentioning: it is 4 km long and downhill skiing is an experience which cannot take you more than the blink of an eye and when you want. You leave from Monte Lussari (where there is a famous catholic Mother Mary's Sanctuary, attracting thousands and thousands of modern pilgrims) and you are suddenly downstream. In this case the difference in altitude is nearly 1,000mt. Something else you can experience on this run is "Ski by Night", in other words skiing by the moonlight twice a week. But there is much more to it: snow lovers cannot miss Priesnig, Florianca and Alpe Limerza, these are three other slopes to discover and to enjoy. Tarvisio can boast 24 runs and therefore it is the largest ski resort of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Let's not forget that since last year another interesting new facility is there at disposal of all skiers: the connection between the Lussari and the Florianca. The most important part of such connection is the automatically hooking four-place chairlift "Prasnig", with a sort of tapis roulant to facilitate getting on. Such installation can carry 1,200 people per hour and is made up of 56 four-place chairlifts; thanks to it the connection between Malga Lussari and Mount Prasnig takes place in only 5 minutes and 30 seconds. So the investment made by Promotur has entailed the acquisition of further ski areas in the area of Tarvisio and enables snow and ski lovers to enjoy another important facility. But there are even more innovations, in fact snow lovers and especially kids, will find here the Snow &Fun Park, to which access is granted to adults as well. Such snow playground is located in the so-called "Piana dell'Angelo", between Tarvisio and Camporosso, not too far away from the main road. The playground has been conceived for teenagers and children between 3 and 15 years of age: you will find there a whole series of amusing facilities to enjoy yourself on the snow, special areas for sleds and inner tube sledges, not to mention inflatables. The new playground on the snow stretches over an area equaling 30,000Sq m: there you can practice snowtubing , play with inflatables and two moving carpets or try to learn skiing on a special slope. On the Colle del Combattente you have free access to experience wild nature and watch wild animals not just for fun; in fact it has also been conceived as an area to be used for teaching purposes. It is easy to find: the Chairlift "Seggiovia dell'Angelo" is very close to it.

Let us go back to the wonderful landscape of this area, here cross -country skiing lovers can find their ideal environment: 60km are there for them; an enchanting Arena has been dedicated to Gabriella Paruzzi, the Olympic and World Champion). Such Arena has been officially recognized as suitable for international competitions, as a top level area also in terms of specific preparation it requires from athletes. It requires a constant training and top skills, but gives you… great satisfaction! In the area the slopes totaling 40km in "Val Saisera" with rings for cross-country skiing are deeply rooted in a breathtaking natural environment. All this is there to enchant you!

And what about snow lovers wishing to see impressive and amazing evolutions on the snow?
This is one of the reasons why the playground Snow Park on the Duca d'Aosta area (named Gold Park) can be the perfect solution for freestylers. Here they can really show their creative performances. Then what about the sled dogging school or the recently enlarged indoor rock climbing school? Much more is there waiting for you: the ice rink in Pontebba, a small town nearby, snowshoeing, … all these sport activities do attract a large number of fans.
Nature lovers instead will be enchanted by two lakes, the first one in Fusine and the other one in Cave del Predil where there's a pit too.

Contact Station de ski Monte Lussari / Tarvisio

PromoTurismoFVG Tarvisio
I-33018 Tarvisio

+39 0428 2135
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Évaluation 4,2
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