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BERGFEX: Ski de fond Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg: Ski de fond Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg


Ski de fond Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg

Masquer plan

Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg

750 m

Loipenplan Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg

cross-country trail Haus-Aich-Pruggern
Discover some of the most beautiful villages along the Enns Valley from the cross-country ski trail which leads from Haus to Pruggern. Listen to the soothing sound of the nearby Ennsfluß and experience a special "winter feeling" while you are amoungst the deep snow-covered trees, a winter wonderland. Make a stop in the pretty villages that you will pass along the way and experience the rural traditions. (To be covered between the tracks Haus, Aich and Weissenbach you has a little bit of a walk through the "Lärchschachen".)
Starting from the village of Aich the trail continues along the Enns up to Au. After crossing the bridge (at the treatment plant) to Pruggern (approx. 2.5 miles), and Moss on the same route back home after return Aich.
Boarding Point Market Haus: under the hotel Herrschaftstaverne
Aich entry point: inn Grafenwirt or hotel Bärenwirt
Entry point Pruggern: Ennsbrücke (near inn Bierfriedl)

cross-country trail Weißenbach
From the Bierstub'n leads a comfortable, slightly uphill trail past the village of Weissenbach in the direction of Rössing (Ramsau). After the inversion point you walk back to Weissenbach (village center with restaurant and the Dorf Café) or continue to the base of Bierstub'n.
Boarding Point: Bierstub'n in Weissenbach

cross-country trail Birnberg
For sun lovers we recommend the cross-country trail at the Birnberg plateau. Dense spruce forests followed by clearings and meadows, beautiful nature and tranquility await the connoisseur.
Boarding Point: Inn Grundnerhof, thence in an easterly direction to the reverse loop near the Forsterhof.


Using the cross-country trails in Haus-Aich, Weißenbach and Birnberg is free!
IMPORTANT: Cross-country skiing is only possible, if there is sufficient natural snow!

Informations actuelles sur les pistes

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Pistes de ski de fond Vue d'ensemble
3 pistes de ski de fond traditionnelles 40.6 km
  Dörferlanglaufloipe Haus-Aich Kufsteinloipe Weißenbach Sonnenloipe Birnberg
2 Pistes de patinage 18.8 km
  Dörferlanglaufloipe Haus-Aich Kufsteinloipe Weißenbach
1 Pistes en altitude 5.3 km
  Sonnenloipe Birnberg
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Tourismusverband Haus im Ennstal-Aich-Gössenberg

Schlossplatz 47, A-8967 Haus im Ennstal
+43 3686 2234-34
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