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BERGFEX: Ski de fond Altaussee - Bad Aussee - Grundlsee: Ski de fond Altaussee - Bad Aussee - Grundlsee


Ski de fond Altaussee - Bad Aussee - Grundlsee


Altaussee - Bad Aussee - Grundlsee

Loipenplan Altaussee - Bad Aussee - Grundlsee
Pistes de ski de fond Aujourd'hui, 08:01
Aujourd'hui, 08:01
32,8 km
32,8 km
In Altaussee, Bad Aussee und Grundlsee gibt es keine Loipengebühr. Der Loipenbericht wird vom Informationsbüro gewartet. An Tagen, an denen das Informationsbüro geschlossen hat, kann es deshalb zu Änderungen der gespurten Loipen kommen!
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Ausseerland - the geographic heart of Austria!

The picturesque Ausseerland is divided into four regions. Altaussee lies at between 730 and 910 metres above sea level. Here the Blaa Alm cross-country skiing trail is the main attraction. 13 kilometres of classic and skating-style cross-country skiing await you. And the town cross-country skiing trail on the Fischerer Feldern is floodlit (1 km).

Bad Aussee, just next to it at 659 - 700 metres above sea level, offers a "Panoramaloipe" ("Panoramic Trail") (16 km), a "Sonnenloipe" ("Sun Trail") and, at the same time, beautiful distant views of the Dachstein and the Loser.

Bad Mitterndorf and Pichl-Kainisch are the cross-country skiing centres in the moorland between Ödensee, Bad Mitterndorf and Kulm, the world's largest natural ski jump. The sports circuit is 86 km long, the skating-style circuit 70 km.

And finally: The Tauplitz and the Tauplitzalm. Casual cross-country skiers have a whole range to choose from in the town and look over to Grimming from the sunny plateau. The "Höhenloipe" ("Peak Trail"), on the other hand, has a very good guarantee of snow and is the training centre for world and Olympic champions.

A total of 219 km of cross-country skiing trails await you in Ausseerland.

Informations actuelles sur les pistes

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Pistes de ski de fond Vue d'ensemble
6 pistes de ski de fond traditionnelles 32.8 km
  6,5 km Altaussee 17,3 km Bad Aussee 9 km Grundlsee
6 Pistes de patinage 32.8 km
  6,5 km Altaussee 17,3 km Bad Aussee 9 km Grundlsee
Évaluation 3,8
6 Évaluations
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