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Vigo di Fassa


A centre which provides adequately for all modern tourist needs in perfect combination with it traditional historic features that permit it to keep its own identity intact. At San Giovanni, a hamlet near Vigo, you can visit the Ladin Cultural Institute, the heart of the Fassa culture and a fascinating moment for the study and research of an ancient world. Examples of this can be seen in the main section of the Museum of Uses and Customs of the Ladin People and in other typical reference points throughout the whole of the valley. In winter it is the ideal departure point for the large magnificent ski area of the Catinaccio, served by a modern network of cable cars and a futuristic artificial snow installation.

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Strada Rezia, 10, I-38039 Vigo di Fassa (TN)

+39 0462 609700
+39 0462 764877
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