The above mentioned form of recreation has become more and more popular in the last years and Velika planina also offers many possibilities for mountain cycling.

You can take a lift by the cable car onto the mountain. From there, you continue the drive until the intermediary station - Zeleni rob. There are clearly marked cycling signs, which mark the stony roads and forest paths. You can choose between the trails of different length and difficulty levels. All trails descent back into the valley of the river Kamniška Bistrica. One of them ends in Terme Snovik, in the valley Tuhinjska dolina.

The cycling trails are on average 25 km long. The detail information and map of the marked trails is available at the cash box in the entry station of the cable car.
Our suggestion:

Continue your path past the lodging house Zeleni rob and follow the road towards the herdsmen’s settlement
Descent to the valley Tiha dolina on a macadam road and from there follow the signs for Ušivec
You can choose between the shorter and longer variant shortly before Ušivec (a smaller macadam parking space):
1. If you have enough strength left, we recommend that you continue towards direction of Mala planina. You descent from Mala planina to mountain Kisovec and continue to Kranjski Rak or Črnivec. You can rest in one of the lodging houses on Mala planina or in the lodging house Dom na Kisovcu.
2. Follow the macadam road to Kranjski Rak or Črnivec. You can rest in the bistro on Kranjski Rak or in the lodging house on Črnivec

It is also possible to ascend to the top of the mountain from the bottom of the valley, which present the challenge for even the fittest cyclists.

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