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BERGFEX: Turracher Höhe: Vacances Turracher Höhe - Voyager Turracher Höhe


Turracher Höhe

1.763 - 2.205m

Turracher Höhe

1.763 - 2.205m

Mountains and lakes

Located on a high plateau with three mountain lakes (Turracher See, Grünsee and Schwarzsee), the village of Turracher Höhe is home to Austria’s largest continuous stone pine forest and framed by the gentle yet impressive peaks of the Nockberge mountains.

The idyllic natural jewel on the border between the provinces of Carinthia and Styria at 1,763 metres above sea level is a little Alpine world in itself with exceptional assets and amazing scenery that appeal to all kinds of visitors.

Here mountain walkers, hikers, runners, Nordic walkers, mountain bikers and everyone else who enjoys nature and loves the mountains, will come into their own. Further unique attractions include the Nocky Flitzer alpine roller coaster and the Nocky’s AlmZeit family adventure park right off the Panoramabahn cable car's mountain station.

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Turracher Höhe
Turracher Höhe

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Tourismusverein Turracher Höhe
Nr. 218, AT-8864 Turracher Höhe

+43 (0)4275 8392
Turracher Höhe

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Bergbahnen Turracher Höhe
Turracher Höhe 178, AT 8864 Turracher Höhe

Turracher Höhe
+43 (0)4275 8252
+43 (0)4275 8252 17

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