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"Ein sehr schöner Fluss. Oft habe ich ihm zugehört, oft in seine Augen gesehen, und immer habe ich von ihm gelernt." (Hermann Hesse)

On its way to the mouth of the Danube, the Isar grows into the main river of Bavaria. In earlier times spreading fear and terror during floods, but also bringing luck and blessing to towns and cities that lie on its banks, the Isar today is still part of the culture and history of the Alpine region.

At the source of the Isar, in the headwaters of the Isar, there are numerous water outlets that flow merrily all year round. The upper Isar is also a well-known route for all canoe enthusiasts and paddle boaters. They appreciate the excellent water quality and the beautiful landscape in the middle of the nature reserve Alpenpark Karwendel.

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