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BERGFEX-Danube Cycle Path Stage 5 South Bank: Melk - Mautern - Cyclisme longue distance - Itinéraire Basse-Autriche

Cyclisme longue distance

Danube Cycle Path Stage 5 South Bank: Melk - Mautern

Cyclisme longue distance
Masquer plan

Danube Cycle Path Stage 5...

Cyclisme longue distance

Dates des itinéraires
195 - 246m
Description rapide
On this section of the beautiful Danube cycle path, we're going from Melk, the "gateway to the Wachau Valley", along the Danube river to the historic town of Mautern, which played an important role for the Romans. Here we pass, on our ride through the picturesque Danube valley, Schönbühel an der Donau, Aggsbach and Rossatz-Arnsdorf.
Point de départ

Meilleure saison
This stage is leading you along the Dunkelsteiner Forest, one of the biggest coherent woodlands of Middle Europe. The advantage of the route on the south river bank is the wide view – on the grand landscape of the World Heritage Site Wachau with its enchanting wooded slopes interspersed with rocks, hill patios and vineyards as well as the amiable villages on the other bank. Before you leave Melk, the „Gate to the Wachau“ behind you, you should visit the Benedictine Monastery, founded 1089, with its magnificent library, containing 85.000 books, a ceiling fresco by Paul Troger and a fragment of the „Nibelungenlied“.

Maybe this old epic is reminding you on your way, how this area is full of history, which is also constrained by the prehistorical discoveries of Schönbühel. You traverse this village, with its gracious castle on the bank of the Danube, on your way to Aggstein, where the legendary Castle Ruin (12th Century) of the same name is luring you into going up to 300 meters in altitude. Once „Knight Schreckenwald“ (a.e. Jörg Schenk), was residing here and blackmailed the ships on the Danube into paying a toll. Those who didnt pay had to starve to death on a kind of balcony, called the „Rosengärtlein“ (Garden of Roses).

Leisurely indulgence of the landscape is in the foreground until Mautern. On the wayside you encounter little villages with charming little churches and neat old winemaker- and farmhouses as well as, near Bacharnsdorf, the remains of an old roman fortified limes of the Danube, which has been incorporated in buildings and gardens.

Description d'itineraire
Melk - Schönbühel an der Donau - Aggsbach - Aggstein - Rührsdorf - Rossatz-Arnsdorf - Mautern

Route Description

Your tour along the southern shore of the Danube begins in Melk, which is also known as the "Gateway to the Wachau Valley". The cultural landscape is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is known for its lush green hills with steep slopes, in which countless vineyards are strung. Already the town itself is worth a trip, it houses an Abbey, which already is described as the most symbolic and dominant baroque building, and also the Stiftsgymnasium (Abbey School) Melk, the oldest surviving school in Austria.

Thanks to this great start, you are perfectly tuned for the rest of the tour. You bike most of the stretch downstream on the B33, and leave only in certain places the road. First you''ll go through the villages of Schönbühel an der Donau and Schönbühel-Aggsbach and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the Wachau, which is not only a cultural heritage and one of the most enchanting valleys of Europe but also an internationally renowned wine-growing region and preferred meeting point for connoisseurs. Here you will find cultural treasures and natural beauties, which are worth a visit for anyone. Shortly behind Schönbühel-Aggsbach, lovers of ancient castles and fortresses will be rewarded in Aggstein. Here, the ruins Aggstein are perched on a green hill, located on our right.

Over on the ruins of the old castle you ride on the main road to St. Johann im Mauerthale, before you branch off onto the Danube cycle path and cycle directly on the banks of the River. With stunning views of the Danube bend in Spitz, you drive again at Bacharnsdorf onto the B-33. You continue like this until you reach the Danube bend in Rossatz-Arnsdorf and in St. Lorenz leave the main road and cycle through Rührsdorf and Rossatz-Arnsdorf through. Here you can discover some historic parts of the Donaulimes.

Shortly after you draw your bikes back to the B33, get steadily closer to your destination. At Hundsheim you leave the road for the last time and are on the way to your destination, the town of Mautern an der Donau. Here again culture fans find their money's worth, as Mautern has a long Roman history background and offers therefore many finds from this period. Thus, you can end the day in this beautiful city and finish your tour.

Hauteur maximale
246 m
Point de mire
Profil en hauteur

In Melk we change from the A1 to the B1 and continue into the city center of Melk.
Transport en commun
You can reach Melk by Bus from most larger cities.
There are a number of parking lots in the city.

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