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At the first documentary mention in 1217, Neufelden (then Velden) was already a market and had to have a longer development behind it. A hem road – called "via regia" (Königsstraße) in a document – which led from the Danube next Ottensheim through the Mühlviertel in the direction of Bohemia, crossed the Großer Mühl below Neufelden. Here, the peninsula-shaped plateau of today's market area served as a resting place and night camp like no other place along the "via regia".
The strikingly beautiful baroque house facades welcome visitors to the historic market neufelden, also known for its excellent and traditional gastronomy and as a regional school centre.

Neufelden has a rich history and a special flair. The old market is surrounded by a charming hilly landscape. Whether you want to use one of the numerous sports facilities or simply attach special importance to gastronomic specialties – you are definitely right here. In the midst of a largely untouched nature, the angler enjoys trout fishing in the crystal-clear Großer Mühl, where you can also walk along the more than 1000-year-old Pürnstein Castle. Neufelden is traffic-calmed - bypass road with highest road bridge in Upper Austria. Since 1990, Neufelden has been the location of an HTBLA for automation technology and operational informatics.
History shaped the market and Neufelden has gained its special flair from this - it has become tranquil and you feel comfortable here.

Worth seeing: Historical townscape: The historical core of the Market Neufelden was placed under "Ensemble Protection" by the Federal Monuments Office in 1994; Home: housed in the old Fronfeste. On an area of approx. 250 m2 about 1,200 exhibits can be visited. The focus is on handicrafts and farm commodities; Parish church: The Gothic longhouse was probably built in the 14th century. The oldest part of the church, the tower, existed before to control the "VIA REGIA" – the old trade route from the south that established Neufelden's reputation as a trading venue; Church of St. Anna: The summer of music with numerous organ concerts in the church in St.Anna in Steinbruch is a cultural highlight in Neufelden; Pürnstein Castle: Pürnstein Castle is considered to be the largest, most beautiful and best preserved castle and fortification in Upper Austria from the late Middle Ages.

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