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bergfex: Hervis Skiverleih Mayrhofen Skidepot am Berg - Mayrhofen - Hippach - Location de skis - Snowboard-Verleih - sports shop

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Hervis Skiverleih Mayrhofen Skidepot am Berg


Hervis Skiverleih Mayrhofen...


Hervis Skiverleih Mayrhofen Skidepot am BERG Scheulingstrasse 389 A-6290 Mayrhofen E-Mail:
Scheulingstrasse 389, 6290 Mayrhofen
Location de skis / Snowboard-Verleih / sports shop /

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Located in the beautiful Zillertal in the heart of Tyrol, Mayrhofen enchants winter sports fans year after year. Skiers and snowboarders are greeted with 136 km of slopes and 57 lifts that will take you up and around the three skiing mountains of the region, Penken, Horberg and Ahorn, where you can get a stunning view of Zillertal’s glaciers. Mayrhofen is the perfect place for beginners or families to start their skiing trip, but racers and more adventurous skiers will also get their money’s worth in this skiing region.

In Mayrhofen, Hervis offers you two ski rental facilities. Save yourself the effort of buying skiing gear and transporting it to Mayrhofen and simply hire your individual equipment here. In our new Pop Up Store, located in central Mayrhofen just a few minutes from the Penkenbahn, you get only new items, from skis to shoes to snowboard pleasure, anything is possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional skier or snowboarder, our ski rental in Mayrhofen has something to offer for every taste and level of proficiency. Test the latest models of top brands or try a different one each day. Exchanging hired gear within the same category is free. That way you can have ultimate flexibility during your stay in Mayrhofen. If you’re not sure, which model you should hire, our professionals will help you find the right equipment: from skis, snowboards and boots to helmets and sticks. If you don’t feel like taking your equipment back to the hotel after an exciting day in the mountains, you can simply store it at our depot at the Penkenbahn-Bergstation.

In addition to ski rental we offer many other ski and snowboard services, such as the mounting and setting of bindings, waxing, stone grinding of running surfaces, edge tuning and scratch repair – everything in order to make sure that your skiing equipment is in perfect condition.

Book your package online and save 15 % or simply visit us at our ski hire shop in Mayrhofen. We look forward to equipping your skiing pleasure at the best price in town and wish you a good trip.

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