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BERGFEX: Jezersko: Vacances Jezersko - Voyager Jezersko



694 - 2.558m

The Municipality of Jezersko comprises the surface area of 6881 hectares. Surrounding municipalities are Tržič, Preddvor, Kamnik, Solčava, and in the north the Republic of Austria. The Jezersko municipality has two settlements:

Spodnje Jezersko (694 - 1080 m) starts at the provincial stones, the historical border between Carniola and Carinthia, at the hamlet of Zgornje Fužine. First part of the settlement is Podlog (Kanonir) situated at the confluence of rivers Kokra and Reka, which flows from the area under Storžič and Stegovnik mountains, and it ends at the hamlet Dol. Second part is called Spodnji kraj (Bajte), situated at the confluence of rivers Jezernica and Kokra. Part of Spodnje Jezersko are also individual farms located along the river Kokra up the Komatevra valley all the way to below Virnikov Grintovec, Stegovnik and Ruša mountains.

Other parts of Spodnje Jezersko are named after remote farms, some of them having up to 360 hectares of land.

Zgornje Jezersko (903 - 2558 m) is a scattered settlement; its northern part called Ravne was populated first in the valley. Zgornje Jezersko of today has many parts: a bigger central hamlet around the primary school, and smaller ones such as Grabnar, Kvance, Žabji trg, Stara pošta, Sibirija, Anclovo and Raven with farms and houses around the church of St. Andrew.

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Conseils loisirs Jezersko

Die Kirche St. Oswald aus dem Jahr 1320.
Anreise: folgen Sie die Straße Richtung Grenzübergang und richten Sie sich nach dem Wegweiser, der bei der Abzweigung steht.
This high and architecturally peculiar building was built in the 15th century as a boarding house for merchants travelling from Tržič to Eisenkappel and further on towards the river Drava when this...
Planted in single rows, lines of ash trees in Jezersko represent borders between different land owners. On average, ash tree avenues stretch 400 to 500 metres along meadows; some even more than 700...
Jezersko has a very diverse geological history. Million years old rocks from a coral reef can be found around Virnikov Grintovec, Pristovški Storžič and Stegovnik mountains and are the oldest rocks...

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Contact Jezersko

TIC Jezersko
Zgornje Jezersko 57, SI-4206 Zgornje Jezersko

+386 051 219 282, +386 04 2545140

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