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Logo Hartbergerland

Welcome to Hartbergerland, the city and land of the senses!

Hartbergerland lies in the heart of the East Styrian hills. The region around the Ringkogel and the town of Hartberg impresses with its lively culinary culture, its warm hospitality and its rich history, which is characterized by castles, palaces and churches.

Cozy taverns, inns and hotels that combine tradition and progress provide for body and soul. Here you can enjoy carefully prepared regional dishes and relax in lovingly furnished accommodation. A place full of small splendors.

The attractions? The picturesque landscape with its thousand hills, the sweet pear and apple cider, the wine from the sunny slopes of the Ringkogel, the oil from the yellow pumpkins and the people who face everyday life with confidence and ingenuity. Anyone who comes here will sense the special character of the locals at the mountain mass on the Ringkogel. At this landmark of Hartbergerland, they celebrate the harvest, the mild weather, peace and prosperity every summer - and the happiness of living on this fertile, enchanting piece of land.


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Tourismusverband Oststeiermark, Geschäftsstelle Hartberg
Alleegasse 6, A-8230 Hartberg

+43 3332 603 300
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