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BERGFEX: Hallstatt: Vacances Hallstatt - Voyager Hallstatt


532 - 3.000m

Many people describe Hallstatt as the most beautiful lakeside resort in the world.
"World Cultural and Natural Heritage" by UNESCO since December 1997

Hallstatt is more than just a beautiful tourist resort.
The scenic beauty and small-unit craft and folk architecture, found in all styles of the Romantic, Gothic and Baroque through to Modern architecture give Hallstatt its unique appeal.

The offers on culture, recreation and sports will make your vacation or your visit in the "Inner Salzkammergut" at the Austrian Romantic Road an unforgettable experience.

The oldest salt mine in the world
7,000 years of salt mining in Hallstatt!
The "Man in Salt" accompanies the visitor on a journey through time in the salt mines of Hallstatt, the oldest salt mine in the world!

Since 2002, the "Man in Salt" is the central issue of the redesigned salt mines. In 1734 a perfectly preserved body by salt was discovered. Its written in the chronicles: "the body was pressed flat as a board and firmly adherent to the stone, the tools and clothing were quite strange, but well preserved.."

The UNESCO has declared the region Dachstein Hallstättersee as Natural and World Heritage Site.

This honor has nothing to do with the 7000 year tradition of salt mining in Hallstatt. The miners used to live in the valley, which is now easily reached by a cable car in a few minutes. The story of the "Man in Salt" is a true story and it is always possible that another "Man in Salt" is found in the mines.

Évaluation 4,5
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Contact Hallstatt

Tourismusverband Hallstatt
Seestraße 99, 4830 Hallstatt

+43 (0) 59509530
+43 (0)59509530 14

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