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BERGFEX: Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten: Vacances Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten - Voyager Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten

Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten

Gsieser Tal -

Welsberg -


1.087 - 1.530m

Val Casies is one of the sunny side valleys in the Pustertal Valley. Its villages are accessible via a 20 km road running through the valley. Tradition is very important in this region, which is home to traditional farms and mountain huts. The unique feature of Val Casies is its stunning location with beautiful hiking trails and mountain scenery.

Monguelfo is a historic village thanks to its cultural treasures such as Castel Welsper-Schloss Welsperg-Welsperg Castle, the Pacher-Bildstock wayside shrine an its many ancient fountains. This village in the Pustertal Valley has a lot to offer, from culture and shopping to sport.

Tesido is located high above the valley floor on a sunny plateau. The Gothic Georgskirche church, small ski area and many hiking trails with views of the Dolomites attract many holidaymakers to this village every year.

Évaluation 3,9
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Tourismusverein Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten
St. Martin 10a, IT-39030 Gsieser Tal

+39 0474 978436
Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten
+39 0474 978226

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Tourismusverband Kronplatz
Michael Pacher Str. 11 A, IT 39031 Bruneck

Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten
+39 0474 555447
+39 0474 530018

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