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BERGFEX: Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal: Vacances Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal - Voyager Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal

Tennengau - Dachstein West

Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal

700 - 1.600m
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Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal

700 - 1.600m

Annaberg - " Listen to the silence of nature "

Idyllically located in the mountains of Salzburg , surrounded by the Dachstein massif and the Gosaukammbahn with the powerful bishop's miter .

Rugged cliffs, dreamy valleys and rare alpine flowers create a special experience of nature.

Aided by the diversity of rock here grow over 20 different species of orchids such as lady's slipper and the rare orchid .

Around the Gosaukammbahn: Extensive charming 2 -day hikes lead from hut to hut through wooded terrain, past jagged rocks , his eyes always focused on the Gosaukammbahn the bishop's miter.

Salzburger Almentour - 30 pastures in 3 days

30 pastures in 3 days and 20 routes of varying difficulty provide 720 km sporting challenge for both pleasure cyclists and mountain bikers.
Babbling brooks and stunning panoramas are constant companions at the Salzburg Pastures , the latest product of Lammertaler bike world. The 3-day round lead at 1330-1740 km altitude from the Lammer Valley in the Salzkammergut .

The idyllic location is an ideal starting point for visiting many destinations and attractions in the area. The city of Salzburg is only an hour's drive away, as the imperial town of Bad Ischl. Also the varied Heufigurenweg and the new Fun-Golf-Path in Annaberg you should not miss.

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Conseils loisirs Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal

Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal
Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal
Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal
Annaberg-Lungötz - Lammertal

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TVB Annaberg-Lungötz
A-5524 Annaberg

+4343 6463 8690
+43 (0) 6463 600 15
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Bergbahnen Dachstein West
Nr. 25, A-5524 Annaberg

+43 (0)6463 8227
+43 (0)6463 8119 39
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