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Am Spielberg

600 - 1.200m
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Am Spielberg

600 - 1.200m

A big hello in Aichfeld-Murboden!

We Aichfelder are proud to report that the region Aichfeld came out of a kind of hibernation over the recent years and months. You now have the opportunity to explore your personal race track, or even your personal undiscovered haven here in Aichfeld-Murboden and go exploring. Allow yourself to a moving moments in the tranquil sight of the peaks surrounding the valley, or put you on sports and speed in the newly built sports facility in Zeltweg as well as the Red-Bull-ring. "Good catch" for all lovers of the fish or "feet on the pedals" with the new e-bikes - in Aichfeld-Murboden counts one simple motto:

Accelerate or DEcelerate - both are possible - in Aichfeld-Murboden!

Everyone chooses his speed, whether on a culinary journey into the forest school to listen the trees as they grow, or a trip in a time of legends - all this and more you can experience in the field Murboden Aich. The Aichfeld-Murboden communities invite you cordially to experience traditional as visionary knowledge personally, with your body and soul.

Have fun exploring,
Your Aichfeld-Murboden team

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