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BERGFEX: Almtal: Vacances Almtal - Voyager Almtal

Salzkammergut Oberösterreich


480 - 2.515m
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480 - 2.515m

The Almtal valley in the Salzkammergut: Nature enjoyment – holiday along the “Alm” river

Still one of the youngest tourism destinations in Austria, the “Almtal” valley started its business. Beaded like pearls along the “Alm” river, the lovely villages of Grünau, Scharnstein, Pettenbach, Vorchdorf and Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting, and the holiday village St. Konrad operate as one unit. The lovely scenery and different types of landscape, from alpine upland around the villages in the north up to mountain ranges around the villages in the south offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, experience and connect with nature. The famous Austrian animal and behavioural science researcher and Nobel Prize Laureate in medicine, Konrad Lorenz, founded his research centre in Grünau.

The people are friendly and visitors are warmly welcomed to enjoy the awesome beauty of nature. Stroll around the Nature Preserve of idyllic “Almsee” lake or explore the lovely “Ödsee” lakes that are embedded in the end of the valley or the “Natura 2000” natural habitat of the riparian forest in the estuary area of the “Alm” river into the “Traun” river. Visit the Cumberland Deer Park, a 60 ha sanctuary for a wide variety of animals or embark on an interpretative forest tour led by an experienced forester. Take some quiet time listening to nature and absorbing the magnificent scenery…

Those wanting to reach higher grounds can savour the conquest of a peak in lofty “Totes Gebirge” range. And the “Kasberg” mountain is readily accessible by the scenic “Farrenau” mountain road or visit the “Magdalenaberg” mountain with its large illuminated peace peak cross in summertime. Also new will be the nice hiking path along the “Alm” river, which is staged especially with so called “Alm” river wave sun loungers, “active” resting areas and lots of information about nature and landscape.

Little folks are a big deal in the “Almtal” Valley! Outstanding attractions and activities create memories that will stay with your little ones forever: Cumberland Deer Park is crisscrossed by lovely trails where visitors can stroll around and view over hundreds of animals of some 70 different species in a natural habitat. Take a walk along the Trail of Senses that runs beside the “Alm” River, join the fun activity programs with the “Almtal Farmers”, visit the “Schindlbach Gut” a children leisure park in Grünau and just beside Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting the is the family leisure park “AGRARIUM”. An additional to that, there are museums awaiting you, from motorcycle history up to forging museums. There’s a lot to discover and enjoy!

In the winter, the pristine setting and the peaceful environments of the “Almtal” Valley lend itself to outstanding outdoor activities as well. The local family ski resort “Kasberg” Resort has a naturally divided terrain with app. 21 kilometres of runs that are serviced by 14 top-notch ski lifts and state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment. The resort boasts an eight passenger gondola, a quad chair lift and a Children’s Ski Land with covered magic carpet and skier’s roundabout.
Take a spin around frozen Almsee Lake on ice skates, glide across the snow laden forests of ‚Jagersimmerl’ on cross country skis or also in Scharnstein at the “Almtal” slope and walk into a winter wonderland at Cumberland Deer Park. And do not miss the silent time in the year before Christmas, where charming Christmas time markets with traditional handcrafts and music are shown.

What’s more, the “Almtal” valley has friendly accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets and various friendly inns and restaurants where a choice range of refreshments and freshly cooked food is on offer and where visitors will be warmly welcomed.

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Tourismusverband Traunsee-Almtal - Tourismusbüro Almtag
Im Dorf 17, A-4645 Grünau im Almtal

+43 (0)7616 8268
+43 (0)7616 8895
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Almtal-Bergbahnen Gmbh & Co KG
Schindlbach 9, A-4645 Grünau im Almtal

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