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Penken Park Mayrhofen: The Greatest QParks Girls Shred Session Of All Times - Penken Park


Penken Park Mayrhofen: The Greatest QParks Girls Shred Session Of All Times

13/03/2019, 12:31

Penken Park

A total number of 70 shredqueens made this session at Mayrhofen go down in Girls Shred Session history! The best possible weather, four coaches and a warm-up-yoga-session turned the day into a unique experience. Here is the full recap including photos and videos for you!

7 years ago, a first group of motivated freestyleresses gathered in order to take over the park and turn it into a Girls Shred Session. Once again this year, the girls broke contestant-records just like they did in the past 3 years – and more importantly: they broke their own records over and over again. On February 16, 70 girls made their way into Zillertal and by doing so, they turned this specific Girls Shred Session into the largest one in history!
With temperatures above zero and sunny spring-vibes all around, Kim from Wild Path Yoga prepared the girls for a perfect day! The Mayrhofen-based yoga teacher invited all of the girls to a pre-shred-warm-up-yoga at 9am in the chill-area, before they participated in the coaching.

Four groups, infinite progression

Four coaches took care of the girls’ progression and did their best to elevate their park-skills to the next level. All twintips-ladies learned from Olympia-participant Lara Wolf while the larger group of snowboarders split into 3 groups, depending on skill-level and preferred obstacles. These three groups were coached by either Lea Baumschlager, Lisa Filzmoser or Tini Gruber.

“We learned so many things, the girls did so well today”, coach Lara praised her group. “The park was great too – but that’s what you expect form Mayrhofen, right?”

Traditionally, lunch was served on the terrace of Grillhofalm, where Pizza, burger and regional specialties were waiting for the girls. After this well-deserved break, the shredqueens were eager to learn new tricks during the afternoon-session and perfect already known moves.

“It was an amazing day with amazing girls and so much progression. I especially liked the park-spirit: each and every one pushes each other and is happy when someone makes a new trick work”, participant Lena says. “I finally shredded my very first rail!”

Naturally, hard work as well as hard landings on the way to the perfect trick get rewarded. Therefore, all participants received goodies by Mayrhofen, NIKITA Clothing, Golden Ride and POW – Protect our Winters at the end of the day.

Read the latest news about the Girls Shred Session on and all about Penken Park on Facebook and Instagram.



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