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Get ready – Penken Park ’s coming - Penken Park


Get ready – Penken Park ’s coming

09/01/2019, 17:02

Penken Park

Dear shred community, winter season is knocking on the door. Hopefully, you successfully studied the snowboard and skiing magazines to learn the freshest tricks of the season in theory. Maybe you also used the off-season to jump around like crazy on the trampoline of your local kids’ playground and brought your body into excellent shape, just like the Shape Academy does it with Penken Park. The days and your thermometer’s mercury tubes get shorter and all of you guys and girls know what that means: you can slowly get ready for party laps at Penken Park! Just like every year, the freestyle mecca expects many shred pilgrims from all over in Mayrhofen. Until then, all we can do is wait and pray for countless dumps of white gold.

And while we do so, we want to be as supportive as possible. How does that work best? Instead of playing the waiting game, we turn it into a time of, let’s say, joyful anticipation. We want to see happy faces and we hope that your shredrenaline level gets a boost when we give away this season’s highlights at Penken Park!

#staytrue – Penken Truth
As soon as the shapers wake up from hibernation and arrive on-site in order to bring (hopefully) tons of snow into shape, they provide shred updates via Instagram, Facebook and of course via the Penken Park app for iOS und Android on a regular basis. And again, the guys will fill your small and large screens regularly with brand-new Penken Truth Episodes.

For everyone who’s new to the Penken Universe and doesn’t know who or what Penken Truth is: This winter, the video clip series hits its third season and shows you what’s happening at and around the park. Behind-the-scenes from events, first follow lines from the park, insider info or making-of videos. The Penken Truth clips provide everything a true park rat has to know.

Ambassadors of Send
Just like last year, the park’s setup will meet the riders’ expectations thanks to the input of the Penken Park Team riders Werni Stock, Mario Wanger, Tom Tramnitz, Alex Walch and Kevin Trammer.

And ... —action!
This winter, you can expect a whole bunch of events, contests and sessions. As always, Penken Park supports the young and growing freestyle scene wherever possible.

Penken Battle February 23, 2019 +++ New Date +++
In late February, the new year’s second contest will go down at Penken Park. During the Penken Battle – part of the international QParks Tour – the best freeski and snowboard rookies join a battle for prize money, goodies and fame. Being part of the biggest rookie-tour in the Alps, the Penken Battle again promises legit freestyle action.

Girls Shred Session February 16th, 2019
Two weeks later, the QParks Girls Shred Session comes to town - less competition, but not less freestyle action. By now, the girls coaching is a fixed part during the season at Penken Park. It brings all shredqueens together and puts a spotlight on the female freestyle sport.

Välley Rälley March 2nd & 3rd, 2019
This legendary event by the Ästhetiker probably doesn’t need any further explanation. A short description for everyone who is not aware of the Zillertal valley’s local heroes: Pretty much since the beginning of the freestyle era, the guys have roamed the Mayrhofen ski area and now offer a fine contest series in the whole valley named Välley Rälley. The third tour stop goes down at Penken Park, so don’t miss out on that!

go-shred Penken Bingo March 16th, 2019
Bingo is a game for the elderly and just a lame night event during an all-inclusive holiday trip? Eeeeet, wrong! Because at the go-shred Penken Bingo, shredders gonna shred until boards and skis almost crack. And on top of that, they take home some nice goodies!

New toys!
Now, things get serious. We know what answer every shred head is looking for since having started to read this article. What will the setup look like? Of course, you want to know what to expect when you take the first lift up and do your first speed checks.
Take a breath and don’t worry – it’s Penken Park like and just as sick as you hoped it would be. Look forward to 60 obstacles, a Pro-Kicker-Line with two monster jumps, beloved areas as well as new rails. When the park reaches its full extent, you can expect (believe it or not) 17(!) kickers and fun boxes sending you between 3 and 20 meters far. In case you fancy stylish slides and creative jibs, make sure to mark Penken Park on your bucket list. It doesn’t just offer known features but presents you with a new 10m Flat/Down Post-Box, an 8m A-Frame Tube and a 10m Double Step Post-Box.

Penken Park wants to know if you guys and girls are really “true“ and announces a tasty challenge! Win a delicious Pizza from the Grillhofhalm located right at Penken Park week after week. And that’s how you participate: On Instagram, upload your best shots from Penken Park, use the hashtag #staytruechallenge, tag @penkenpark and pray to the Gods of Send. They might whisper to the judges, so your photo steals the show and you can pick up a fresh pizza at the Grillhofalm. The game starts every week, so you get to win free pizzas via the Penken Park Instagram account on a weekly basis. So, follow @penkenpark, take rad shots, upload them, use the hashtag and enjoy your free pizza!

*Until the season is starting and throughout the whole year too, find all the latest news and stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and of course using the official Penken Park app for Android and iOS.

  • Penken’s Coming!*



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