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Snowpark Snowpark Turracher Höhe - Funpark Snowpark Turracher Höhe - Park Turracher Höhe - Snowboarden

Snowparks Kärnten

Snowpark Turracher Höhe


Snowpark Turracher Höhe

Turracher Höhe

Snowpark Turracher Höhe – Extended Setup in High Definition

By now, the Snowpark Turracher Höhe is definitely among the hotspots of the freestyle-scene. The park is divided into a Beginner-, a Medium-, an Advanced- and a brand-new Family-Line and is being maintained by the pros from the Shape Academy every day.

The spectacular obstacles in the 1,5 kilometers long snowpark make for some really nice shred sessions. The setup offers various features for every riding-level and personal highlights let the riders’ hearts beat faster. And the best part is: your session can be filmed by permanently installed SpotON-HD-cameras which allow you to share your personal clip straight from the mountain onto your Facebook account.

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Station de ski Turracher Höhe

Schnee- und Parkstatus

50 minutes ago

Snowpark Turracher Höhe

Hauteur du niveau de la mer
2000 m
400 m
Earth-based elements
It is a whole slope which is only for freestylers and the terrain fits nearly perfectly for the park.
10m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
12m Kicker Jump Advanced-Line (Kicker)
14m Kicker Jump Advanced-Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
6m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
7m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
8m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
Lollipop Jib Medium-Line (Specials)
8m Corner Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
3m Dance Floor Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
8m Down Rail Medium-Line (Rail)
6m Elephant Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
Advanced-Line Tube Multi-Kink 18m (Pipeslide)
6m Rainbow Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
Mushroom Jib Medium-Line (Specials)
9m Cureved Box Advanced-Line (Box)
9m Down/Flat/Down Box Advanced-Line (Box)
6m Bankspine Jib Advanced-Line (Specials)
4m Corner Jump Advanced-Line (Kicker)
Mulit Jib Advanced-Line (Specials)
4m Down Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
6m Flat Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
6m Up/Down Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
6m Wave Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
10m Mulit-Kink Rail Advanced-Line (Rail)
10m Waterfall Rail Advanced-Line (Rail)
3m Butterrail Butter Box Beginner-Line (Box)
4m Funbox Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
3m Hip Jump Family-Line (Kicker)
3m Hip Jump Family-Line (Kicker)
3m Hip Jump Family-Line (Kicker)
Wave Hip Special Family-Line (Specials)
Waverun Special Family Line (Specials)
10m Flat/Down Box Medium-Line (Box)
Scoop Jib Medium-Line (Specials)
3m Slope Wallride Jib Medium-Line (Specials)
5m Funbox Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
6m Funbox Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
9m Down/Flat Rail Medium-Line (Rail)
8m Flat Rail Medium-Line (Rail)
A-Frame Tube Medium-Line (Pipeslide)
6m Down Tube Medium-Line (Pipeslide)
4m Funbox Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
10m Mulit-Kink Rail (Rail)
4m Funbox Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
6m Flat Rail Medium-Line (Rail)
6m Flat Tube Medium-Line (Pipeslide)
6m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
6m Kicker Jump Medium-Line (Kicker)
7m Kinktank Jib Advanced-Line (Specials)
7m Mulitbox Special Advanced-Line (Specials)
8m Corner Jump Beginner-Line (Kicker)
Tank Jib Advanced-Line (Specials)

Weitere Informationen

Park Size
Park Designer
Hilton Scott
Head Shaper
Klára Chovancová
Évaluation 2,5
142 Évaluations
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