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Spring Sessions at Ehrwald: Freestyle for all levels at the Snowpark & Familypark Ehrwalder Alm - Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm


Spring Sessions at Ehrwald: Freestyle for all levels at the Snowpark & Familypark Ehrwalder Alm

02/04/2019, 14:19
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Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm

Snow as far as the eye can see – on the surrounding peaks and in the valley. The sky is perfectly blue, and you gaze upon a freshly shaped kicker line. Sounds like perfect conditions for a sick shred day? Definitely. But where can you find shred conditions like these in spring? At Ehrwalder Alm.

“Freestyle for all levels”, that’s this winter’s motto at Ehrwalder Alm: The Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm offers riders a variety of kickers and jibs in a Medium, Jib and Large Line – all set for countless creative runs. For those ready to take the first freestyle steps, there’s now the Familypark – a home base for all beginners in the park business! Mid-March the conditions were perfect: A media crew made their way to Ehrwald and together with the shapecrew and local riders they checked out what Ehrwalder Almbahn has on offer for friends of airtime and slides.
Parkdesigner Florian Senftlechner is responsible for the setup of Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm. He’s most likely to be found shredding the kicker line of the park: “The kickers have just the right angles for perfect airtime. But the best feature of the park is that you can do a run in 5 minutes – with the park-lift that’s absolutely no trouble. And, of course, we always have the park perfectly shaped and looking good.” Flo and his shapecrew didn’t miss out on the video session either. Summary? “Laid-back session and great weather!” And the riders? Well, we’ll let the edit speak for itself – airtime and drone shots included!

However, every rider started at some point. From the beginning, hardly anyone feels at home between kickers with 10 or 12 meters table length or in the Jib Line. No worries, at Ehrwalder Alm you’ll find the new Familypark near the Snowpark: The setup features boxes and small kickers with a table length of 3 meters. The local ski school “Total” regularly pays the Familypark a visit with the advanced ski groups. But the rule “beginners only” definitely doesn’t apply here: “Sure, there are always riders from the Snowpark around in the Familypark too – hiking obstacles and practicing tricks!”, Chris Hauke, project leader at the Familypark, explains. Progression all the way – for everyone, no matter what your freestyle background is.

You’re looking for a playground for the upcoming spring sessions? Or for the ideal beginner setup to finish this winter with some chilled park laps and hike sessions? Well, grab your twintips and boards and drop by at Ehrwalder Alm! Lifts are running until April, 22 – for the latest news and updates you can check the Facebook pages of Ehrwalder Almbahn, of Snowpark Ehrwalder Alm or the website!


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