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Style-mission at Snowpark Kitzbühel - Snowpark Kitzbühel


Style-mission at Snowpark Kitzbühel

14/03/2019, 08:33

Snowpark Kitzbühel

Snowpark Kitzbühel has been sitting enthroned on Hanglalm for 11 years. Those who believe that it got calm up there over the years are incredibly wrong. The park still is one of Tyrol’s hotspots when it comes to shred business. Therefore, it was pretty much mandatory for these 5 motivated riders to pay this legend of a snowpark a visit and check out 5 different areas of the park!

Five riders, one park and one mission: check out Snowpark Kitzbühel with style!

Top score for Snowpark Kitzbühel
Freeskiers Julius and Pius Schneider both know Snowpark Kitzbühel from two different perspectives: As QParks Tour judges, they get to rate the best rookie tricks during contests such as the Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühel. Nevertheless, none of the brothers want to miss out on an opportunity to put on some twintips and enjoy a sick park-session. Snowpark Kitzbühel feels especially familiar to the siblings. Years ago, Julius used to send massive spins over Hanglalm’s kickers and Pius too has gone for shred-missions in Snowpark Kitzbühel over and over.
As expected, their opinion on this year’s setup was quite similar: “Overall, pretty good. The park is fun, especially for jibbing!” The advanced line’s first kicker left a lasting impression too: “Oh yeah, that one is incredibly sick”, both agreed. Sounds like top score for Snowpark Kitzbühel!

Three snowboarders on a style-mission
A special crew of snowboarders made their way to Snowpark Kitzbühel too. First off, Michi Schatz aka Don IBK, who is known for his sick street riding. This time though, he examined Hanglalm’s jib elements instead of massive handrails. So, what’s the Innsbruck-based rider’s opinion? “You get to enjoy plenty of runs thanks to the lift and five areas. The park is pretty versatile, is great for cruising and so much fun!”

Peter Walchhofer, who is the second snowboarder of the crew, effectively proved his airworthiness in front of the camera. Not surprising really, since Snowpark Kitzbühel is commonly known for proper booters and airtime. And Peter – he gained quite a reputation for his stylish spins and massive kicker skills. So, of course Peter’s amazed by the new advanced line: “The new location is awesome! Thanks to that the kickers are a bit bigger now. It’s great!”

As we all know, all good things come in three which is why Grant Giller decided to join the group in order to turn Kitzbühel’s chamois upside down - or was it the other way around? Anyway, Grant checked amazing corks and sick rail-combos off his to-do list. And what else? “There was that moment when Michi and I approached the rainbow rail. Both of us knew immediately: One of us has to spontaneously go under it. The shot wasn’t planned at all, but it just happened like that”, Grant laughs.

Of course, there is video proof in the form of a freeski edit which won’t be kept a secret any longer. We don’t want snowboarders to come up short either which is why there is of course a snowboard edit too!



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