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A Royal Share Of Freestyle - Blue Tomato Kings Park am Hochkönig


A Royal Share Of Freestyle

07/03/2019, 14:33

Blue Tomato Kings Park am...

The Tomatoes’ trip to Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig It’s true – at Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig things are served in big portions. The playground’s bill of fare definitely lives up to its name, as the variety of obstacles lives up to a fair equivalent to a 51-course menu at the table of some European noble houses. Golden cutlery included. But this time, the King invited Karl Brandl, Nic Biembacher and Felix Widnig for dinner who showed his majesty how it’s done.

The brave Knights of Steeze from the houses of the Blue Tomato were welcomed by the king with prime conditions and wonderful weather. Find out how the noble shredheads spent their day and how they feel about their monarch of send.

Sometimes size does matter
Well, what’s left to say? 1.8 kilometers simply are 1.8 kilometers. Numbers don’t lie. And neither do Karl, Nic and Felix when they unanimously point out how sick it is to ride that many kickers in one line.

“Being able to jump 7 kickers in one run is pretty outstanding,” Felix happily says. The snowboarder from Villach, Carinthia, has paid the Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig a visit for the first time about 5 years ago for a contest. He feels like the park has grown even better over the years.

Snowboarder Karl shares the opinion that the realm of the king is always worth a visit. He lives in Vienna and is therefore used to a royal atmosphere. Yet, he visited Blue Tomato Kings Park for the first time during the shoot. And he was rewarded with an awesome first time: “I think the park is super rad the location is insane. You’ve got a truckload of obstacles and super rails.” In this case, “truckload” means 51 obstacles – 36 jibs and 15 kickers.

Especially the 15 Kickers are the main reason why freeskier Nic Biembacher loves shredding the park. The young gun from Hopfgarten attends the skiing-academy at Saalfelden. Thanks to his passion for flying, he sacrificed his career in alpine skiing a couple of years ago: “Here, it’s not just about racing down one particular line. I really enjoy airtime and I like the creative part of freestyle.” At Blue Tomato Kings Park, he gets to satisfy both of his sendy desires. While the kickers might not be excessively big, they are “really nicely shaped”, as he puts it. And if you sum it up, you get to enjoy a whole lot of airtime per lap.

Better than a golden carriage
And just like it befits a king, the journey to the park doesn’t need to be undertaken with an ordinary T-bar. No, the Kings Park is reached via the Kings Cab, of course. Riders plus their whole entourage will find it super comfy in the 8-person gondola.



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