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The Betterpark Hochzillertal is located directly below the exit of the 8-person chairlift Schneexpress.

Betterpark exclusive in the Zillertal - Snowpark with own lift.
Fun park from beginner to professional!

The snowpark has a total length of 320 m and has meanwhile received its own lift. The snowpark offers different areas for all skill levels. You can choose between Beginner Line, Medium Line, Pro Line, Jib Line and XL-Kicker Line.

You can relax in the chill-out area. Comprising sun loungers and a container with music system, you can watch the action throughout the park.

The highlight in the Betterpark Hochzillertal is the XL kicker, which invites you to "shoot" and offers the audience a great show in the chill-out area as well as at the chairlift.

  • Hours: * 07:30 - 16:30

Snowpark Design & Maintenance: www.betterparks.at

  • Tip *: Always compare information on the total number of elements with the current parking status - our information is reliable and daily updated!

Statut de la neige et du parc

Malheureusement, aucune information actuelle sur le parc n'est disponible.

Hauteurs de neigeAujourd'hui, 01:48
Aujourd'hui, 01:48
115 cm
21 de 25
Remontées ouvertes
Durchgehender Skibetrieb vom 07.12.2023 – 13.04.2024 Öffnungszeiten: täglich 7:30 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr = Seilbahn Lifte und Sesselbahnen ab 8:00 bis 16:00 Uhr Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch. Highlights im Winter 2023/24: • Sonnenlounge im Mountain View an der Bergstation der Seilbahnen mit Panoramaterrasse auf 1.760 m • VIP – Gondel die erste schwebende Limousine direkt ins Skigebiet • Funny Slope bei der Kashütte Für unsere Fußgänger: • Winterwanderweg zum [...]

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Jump 0 m (Waveroller)
Jump 0 m (Waveroller)
Jump 2 m (Kicker)
Jump 3 m (Kicker)
Jump 4 m (Kicker)
Jump 6 m (Kicker)
Jump 8 m (Kicker)
Jump 10 m (Kicker)
Jump 14 m (Kicker)
Jump 18 m (Kicker)
Ride-on Flat 4 m (Box)
Ride-on Roof 6 m (Box)
Ride-on Wave 8 m (Box)
Flat 4 m (Box)
Flat Tube 6 m (Specials)
Down Tube 6 m (Specials)
Flat Tank 5 m (Specials)
Up Tank 5 m (Specials)
Down Industry 6 m (Specials)
Flat Donkey Industry 6 m (Specials)
Down 8 m (Rail)
Down 8 m (Rail)
Ellbow 8 m (Rail)
Double-Kink 10 m (Rail)
Flat 4 m (Rail)
Jump 6 m (Box)
Mini Wallride (Specials)

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