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BERGFEX: Ski de fond Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl: Ski de fond Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl


Ski de fond Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl


Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl

Loipenplan Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl
Pistes de ski de fond Aujourd'hui, 09:20
Aujourd'hui, 09:20
35 km
41 km
Bis auf die Flohwiesenrunde sind wieder die Höhenloipen geöffnet.
tous les jours

Enjoy the tracks in the snow

In the Inner Salzkammergut, there are numerous trails of varying length in the valleys, and the spectacular High trail center on Predigstuhl, that offers not only the sporting pleasures and impressive views of the surrounding mountains. The High Trail Center is located at 1000 to 1200 meters above sea level and therefore an absolutely snow-sure location. Always on the nature´s trail, cross-country skis and poles are the best choice. Surprised by the diversity of trails you will experience one of the most exciting nordic skiing centers in Austria.

In Bad Goisern, the following track areas are available:

  • The Volksbank Nordic Skiing Center in Bad Goisern - Predigstuhl
  • Agatha trail in St. Agatha
  • Trails at the Nordic Center in Ramsau

The entire network of trails in the holiday region Dachstein-Salzkammergut is available free of charge!

Of course you can also Obertraun where pristine silence surrounds you in snowy nature reserve Koppenwinkel, Gosau and lots kilometers of trails that lead you to some pristine Naturkleinoden that you would otherwise probably never get to see.

At best, you get the trail plans, which they get for free at any tourist office in the Inner Salzkammergut.


Alle Loipen in Bad Goisern können Sie kostenlos benutzen, ein Angebot des Tourismusverbandes Inneres Salzkammergut mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Marktgemeinde Bad Goisern.

Possibilités de repos

Höhenloipenzentrum: Rathluckenhütte (Jänner Betriebsurlaub sonst MO+DI geschlossen)
Agatha Loipe: Landhotel Agathawirt,, Gasthaus Kirchenwirt

Informations actuelles sur les pistes

Site Web
+43(0)5 95095-0
Pistes de ski de fond Vue d'ensemble
8 pistes de ski de fond traditionnelles 40 km
  Höhenloipenzentrum Predigstuhl, St, Agatha, Ramsau
10 Pistes de patinage 37 km
  Höhenloipenzentrum Predigstuhl, St, Agatha, Ramsau
6 Pistes en altitude 17 km
  Höhenloipenzentrum Predigstuhl
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Ski de fond Service
Contact Office du tourisme

Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut

Kirchengasse 4, A-4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee
+43(0)5 95095-0
+43/(0)5 95095-74

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