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BERGFEX: Alpenhotel Laurin: hôtel Obergurgl, Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

Alpenhotel Laurin

6456 Obergurgl

Worm welcome at Alpenhotel Laurin!

A sunny hotel, spacious and fortunate; wrapped in a beautiful backdrop of glaciers, with all the tranquillity in the world … For the discerning and friends looking for a true holiday island, just in Hochgurgl – 2,000 metres closer to the sky!

The hotel: Alpine hotel Laurin, the singular three-star hotel in Hochgurgl. The hotel, with its warm, personal touch, is a pool of tranquillity in a distinctive, colourful landscape encircled by imposing glaciers. On a small mountain plateau, lodged among the hotel enclave ‘Hochgurgl’, the hotel appears simply to hover high above the picturesque town of Obergurgl, 5 km below Hochgurgl. Whether you are enjoying your summer holiday or winter vacations, each season has its particular appeal. Whether for the opening of the ski season in autumn, for winterly Christmas or New Year, for the powder-snow season in January and February, for spring in March or the firn snow time in April and May, for the alpine rose blossom in June or the summer heat of July and August – holiday time at the Laurin is always in season.

The natural world: the beautiful backdrop of glaciers, top-managed, snow-covered slopes (virtually 100% snow coverage!); a winter hiking tour above Hochgurgl for everyman (a flat and comfortable path layed out by the hoteliers themselves also serves as a practise ski slope), a completely new central lift station just 100 metres from the hotel, the ski runs of the alps – from 1,800-3,000 metres – with snow effectively guaranteed, a large-scale network of summer hikes, a waterfall to Timmelstal, footpaths along the valley and through mountain pastures – all in themselves are wonderful invitations for you to come and spend some time here. The Hochgurgl mountain plateau is surrounded by Swiss stone pines - the queen of the alpine trees - by meadows, by fields of mountain pines and by alpine roses which positively seem to wrap the area around Hochgurgl/Obergurgl in purple-red robes with their blossoms in June. On top of this, you can find a truly varied holiday region with ultimate opportunities for mountain bikers, climbers, hikers and the high, newly-built sulphur thermal baths in the Aqua-Dome in Längenfeld

The interior: our three-star Alpenhotel Laurin, is a ‘well-being’ hotel with breath-taking views over the glacial world of the central alps – the first and only hotel direct on the Timmelsjoch alpine pass road (road to Italy closed from November to May). Sunny, light-flooded hotel foyer, a patio with a direct view across the Ötztal glacier, spa facilities with rockface whirlpool, sauna and steam bath, excellent cuisine, exquisite wines. Hotel rooms and suites in various categories including some non-smoking rooms specially furnished for the needs of allegy sufferers.

We would be delighted to welcome you to a relaxing, revitalising skiing and walking holiday in the Alpenhotel Laurin.

We are looking forward to your visit
The Schöpf Family & Staff


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Kinderpreise pro Tag/Kind, bis 3 Jahre gratis!

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