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Station de ski Meran 2000

1.650 - 2.300m
Masquer plan

Meran 2000

1.650 - 2.300m

Plan de piste Station de ski Meran 2000

Remontées Meran 2000


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

07.12.2019 -
09:00 - 17:00

Pistes Meran 2000

12,5 km (4)
17,5 km (3)
2,5 km (2)
32,6 km

Nouveauté Meran 2000

Skipasses: Kids under the age of 8 have free access on any of the uplifts.

The SNOWPARK MERANO 2000 waits for brave Snowboarders and Freestylers.

Station de ski Meran 2000

Merano 2000 - Everything you need for a pleasant break!

The sun-soaked ski resort of Merano 2000 is an inviting option to swap the city for the mountains, with a swift 7 minute Ropeway journey that will take you right on to the sunny terrace of Merano. Award-winning architecture and sustainable mobility in one of the most modern and innovative uplift systems in the Alps.

Once arrived at the ski resort the breath-taking view takes you as far as the Ortles range and the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage.
40 km of slopes on a sunny plateau, at a height of 2000 metres are a treat for every adventurous skier or snowboarder. The new slopes, all of various difficulty grades, will suite every skiing style and ability, from experts who are looking for a challenge to families on a day out with their children. At the Outdoor Kids Camp the smaller ones will embrace their first skiing experience on the snow kindergarden “magic carpets” and with the help of the many ski instructors… in the meantime parents can relax and enjoy an aperitif on the beautiful terrace of the Panorama Bistro while keeping an eye on their kids’ activities.
Info: Kids under the age of 8 have free access on any of the uplifts.

The Snowpark Merano 2000 waits for brave Snowboarders and Freestylers. An ambitious project with many kicks, rails, tubes and boxes for newcomers and pros. The park is structured in two sections. In the upper part, the Easy Lines are perfect for training and improving the own skills. On the other hand the 6 Tables and the Easy and Medium Lines of the lower Park allow breathtaking jumps and tricks.

Fascinating ski-touring and snow-shoe routes all around Merano 2000 take you through enchanted winter landscapes. A number of paths with a stunning view take you to the furthest ends of the resort, places where you can still touch nature with your hands and eyes. The more romantic ones can go on an excursion on a horse-drawn sleigh from Avelengo and Verano through the snowed-in forests. Adrenalin junkies will get their fix either on the Alpin-Bob, a 1,1 km long rail guided bob-sleigh run, or on the natural toboggan run.

Quiet places and cosy mountain refuges within the Merano 2000 resort are the ideal setting for a hearty meal and a great chance to indulge in some of the delicious local gastronomy. The traditional South-Tyrolean cuisine is a treat for the finest palate with Alpine-Mediterranean specialities. The very practical proximity of Merano 2000 to the Spa-town of Merano allows you to enjoy a relaxing stroll in the historic centre or to pay a regenerating visit to the Merano Thermal Baths straight after a day on the slopes. “Thermae & Ski” is a special ticket that has been created for those who want to combine 4 hours in the Merano 2000 Ski Resort with 3 hours in the Merano Thermal Spa Complex.

Merano 2000 Ropeway
Via Val di Nova 37
I-39012 Merano
T. +39 0473 234821
Facebook: Meran 2000

Contact Station de ski Meran 2000

Naifweg 37, I-39012 Meran

+39 0473 234821
Info neige
+39 0473 234821
+39 0473 234911
Site internet
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Remontée mécanique Association touristique

Heures d'ouverture Été

01.05.2019 - 08.11.2019
Nombre Remontées

09.00 - 17.00 (Juli - Mitte September bis 18.00)
Öffnung Umlaufbahn Falzeben: ab 18.05.2019

Évaluation 4,4
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