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BERGFEX: Alpenglühn Ferienparadies Berchtesgaden: location de vacances Berchtesgaden, Jenner - Schönau am Königssee / Berchtesgadener Land

Alpenglühn Ferienparadies...

83471 Berchtesgaden

Five-star Ferienparadies Alpenglühn Berchtesgaden
Luxurious holiday homes with service for your holiday in Bavaria

If you cherish private atmosphere and heartfelt full service, the exceedingly spacious apartments in the Ferienparadies Alpenglühn are your perfect holiday residence. Spend quiet hours in your personal realm, let yourself be culinarily spoiled, relax in the spa area or enjoy the conviviality during joint trips or in the Alpenglühn snuggery. Choose new things every day from the large offerings of the Ferienparadies with view of the Watzmann and arrange for a holiday just the way you dreamed.


Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung
Appartement/ Ferienwohnung


  Haute saison Basse saison Haute saison Basse saison
Nuitée 195 €
à 260 €
195 €
à 230 €
195 €
à 260 €
195 €
à 230 €
petit-déjeuner compris - - - -
Demi-pension - - - -
Tout compris - - - -

Variable and bookable one day in advance:
five breakfast options, three-course dinner or half-board
with standard breakfast and dinner menu

Envoyer la demande par courriel

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