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BERGFEX: Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald - Vacances de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald - Wintersportgebiet Hochficht - Böhmerwald

Stations de ski Haute-Autriche

Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald

933 - 1.338m

Hochficht - Böhmerwald

933 - 1.338m

Plan de piste Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald
Hauteurs de neige Aujourd'hui, 07:13
Aujourd'hui, 07:13
140 cm
120 cm
9 de 9
Remontées ouvertes

Remontées Hochficht - Böhmerwald


Heures d'ouverture Hiver

15.12.2018 - 24.03.2019
08:30 - 16:00

Pistes Hochficht - Böhmerwald

9 km
10 km
1 km
Freeride/ Routes
20 km

Nouveauté Hochficht - Böhmerwald

Das Angebot für unsere Skigäste wurde auch für die Wintersaison 2018/19 optimiert:

  • Ticket-Verkaufsautomat + Zusätzliche Kassa an der Talstation Schwarzenberg
  • Anschaffung neuer Obstacles für den Funpark
  • Erweiterung der Kinder-Attraktionen
  • Qualitätsverbesserung der Pisten
  • Verstärkung der Beschneiungsanlagen

Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald

Hochficht – winter – to the power of 3! (Winter Hoch3 winter sporting region)
Discover this wonderful winter sporting region in the magical Bohemian Forest: a multiple award-winning, spacious ski carousel. Enjoy the ascent in the comfort of the three four-seater chairlifts, two double drag lifts and other lift facilities, before making the most of the “snow & fun” on the attractive ski-runs, which cater to all abilities.
What does the region have in store for kids and beginners? Well, there’s a kid’s park with practice lift, a magic carpet conveyer, ski roundabout and a cosy hut. Our hopping bunny and his dear little friends are out to surprise the kids on the junior route. Various clubs like using our event arena for that ultimate active adrenaline rush, while there’s a great cross-route in the “Fir snow park” for freestyle fans with both boards and skis. The Hochficht team looks forward to welcoming guests for unlimited skiing pleasure with the motto “Winter – to the power of 3”.

Further advantages of the Hochficht resort at a glance:

  • Family ski area
  • Fichtl kids park and a covered kids lift
  • FIS - racetracks, fun park and cross trail
  • Fast, easy and toll-free pistes
  • Snow Safe (100% technically snowed in)
  • Night skiing (every Wednesday and Fri 17:00 to 20:30)
  • Friendly staff
  • Ski school and ski storage on site
  • Intersport shop with ski rental
  • Children of 10 years (born before 2006) only € 2, -
  • Adolescents up to 19 years (born 1995), children's rates
  • Special rates for families, groups, schools and clubs
  • iSki Tracker for evaluation
  • free WIFI

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Contact Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald

Station de ski Hochficht - Böhmerwald

Hochficht - Böhmerwald
Hauptstraße 2, A-4160 Aigen-Schlägl

+43 (0)7281 6361
Site internet
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Évaluation 4,0
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